SME business growth and start-ups

Are you set up for growth and success?  Are you looking for a coach who specialises in SME business planning, growth, culture and success? Do you want to improve your business profit and still have a life?  Do you have a great idea but just not sure how to go about making it into a profitable business?

We have a growing number of experienced business coaches and entrepreneur mentors in our network. They are working with small to medium businesses (SMEs) to help them get to the next level of profitability.  Many clients have begun making the sort of profit they always thought they could make, but couldn’t do it on their own.

We don’t just look at the figures. We take into consideration the actual people at the helm, their MINDSET, the management style, ability to engage and keep engaging their staff and the culture they are creating.  We ensure they know everything about their competitors, and if the havent already, we help them to create a definable edge.

The other vital element of any successful business (many SME’s overlook) is succession planning.  We are pretty sure you don’t want to have to keep working until you are 70+, right?

We ask business owners and managers, Are you being who you need to BE, to do what you need to DO to HAVE the level of success and happiness you want to have in your business and your life? 

Start-up, Small and Medium Business Coaching:

Many of our coaches guide you through a four-step process:

  1. GROWTH POTENTIAL:  We take you on an exploration that discovers what your business’s growth potential really is.  This includes assessing the current strengths and weaknesses of the market, and your current business model.
  2. PROFIT ANALYSIS: If you are not making a profit you are pretty much going backwards very quickly.  Profit turnarounds can be achieved with the right data, to begin with.  We then help you analyse the data, identify key opportunities and together you and your coach create a ‘road map’ with benchmarks, goals and strategic prioritising.
  3. THE RIGHT TEAM AND RIGHT MINDSET: Not sure how to engage great people to help you get there?  Do you find yourself losing sight of your company’s vision and mission because of frustration, stress,  worry and poor communication?  We can show you how to turn things around to a more positive, passionate, purposeful management style.  Having the right team will also ensure you are successful at the fourth step;
  4. MAKING THE BUSINESS WORK WITHOUT YOU: Business success and business succession means that it can work without your constant control and supervision.  You want to retire happy some day, right?  Well, start your succession planning NOW!

Working with a business coach is a process driven activity that is supported by strategies, systems and mindset coaching. Working successfully with a coach requires your commitment, determination, decisiveness, flexibility and willingness to adapt to change and market influence.  Many business owners become too attached to their original vision for the business.  Most industries are in an era of rapid change.  You need to be able to keep up, or face potentially disastrous consequences.

Help is at hand!

View the profiles of our carefully selected Business Coaches and Entrepreneur Mentors:

Mary Henderson  – Business Coach and Entrepreneur Mentor

Sarita Johan – Business Mindset Coach, Business Systems Architect, Executive Coach

Nathalie Gevinti – Business Leadership Coach, Employee Engagement Specialist

Bruce Frame – Business Owner Coach, Business Profit Analysist

Next step?  You will begin with a 90-minute Discovery and Strategy Session to discuss your current issues, needs and goals, and to begin to map out your start-up launch or business growth strategy plan.  Your strategy plan will be delivered to your door or inbox with 48 hours.  This could be the best $275 investment you ever made!

Your business coach will work with you and challenge you to really look at your business without emotional attachment.  From that viewpoint, we can assess your priorities and then map out the necessary action to achieve the results you need – WITH ACCOUNTABILITY, STRUCTURE, VISION & RENEWED MOMENTUM.

Most small business owners are overworked, underpaid, and have no life.   It doesn’t have to be that way. Initially, you may see an increase in workload and even time at work, but let’s face it, you were never trained for this work, it’s a whole new set of skills. But from that point on, every activity undertaken with your coach is aimed at improving your lifestyle.

Most people go into business for all the right reasons. They want freedom, lifestyle and the ability to choose their own hours and you can have it all, so we challenge you to make a decision TODAY to contact us.