You may have heard that coaching is the second fastest growing industry in Australia. We can help you to find out why the majority of the top 100 companies around the globe now provide life coaches for their key people.

Rather than use a ‘Motivational Speaker’ who often has little business management experience (at best) or an agenda (at worst), our personalised matching service takes into consideration what YOUR NEEDS and GOALS are for your workshops and for your business’s growth overall.  We match you with the life and/or business coach who has real-life experience and training to deliver the messages your team really needs to hear.

We have a large database of life and business coaches to draw on.  It is a great idea to combine workshops with 1:1 coaching programs based on an effective needs analysis which is conducted as part of your 90-minute Discovery and Strategy Session.

Topics can include;

  • Time management and effective work/life balance
  • Team building and team goal setting
  • Emotional mastery
  • Wellness and meditation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Employee engagement
  • Healthy living and energy
  • Productivity and contribution
  • Culture reviews and enhancements
  • Personal and professional development
  • Defining your personal brand
  • Organisational change management strategies

To find out more phone 1300 137706 or email us now to book your Discovery and Strategy Session.   The outcomes from this all-important first session are:

  • An understanding of what you can expect from having a trained, experienced coach working within the ranks of your organisation
  • A Strategy Report from your coach, which includes an overview of the structure and processes they plan to use in your business to achieve specific and measurable goals.
  • You will also experience coaching for yourself by bringing a current issue to the table for discussion. It’s like trying before you buy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have a few well-credentialed people in our network who are business specialists.  Some are classified as Business Coaches, Corporate and Business Strategists, Entrepreneur Coach/Mentors, and some are Mindset Coaches.  Not all of their profiles are on this website.   Part of our unique service is that we help you to source the right person for your business’s particular needs and goals.    Contact Sandy Ewing to see if can assist you too.    Read our testimonials to see what others have gained from our business coaching and workshops.