Job Security?? But weren’t you thinking about a career change anyway?

As we start to slowly emerge from lockdown many people will be asking; Will I lose my job?  “Stood down”, what does it mean anyway?  Am I in the right job? These uncertain times can certainly bring up the concern of job security, but also presents an opportunity to truly check in with yourself and […]

Identify with “I’m shy”? 5 steps to FREEDOM from “shyness”

5 Steps to FREEDOM from “shyness” You will often hear people who are reluctant to put themselves “out there” say, “I’m shy”.  They are almost always struggling with low self-esteem. They can also have minimal self-awareness and not sure about how they come across. They fear that someone will think badly of us or reject […]

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should Have you ever found yourself doing things that you are competent at, but that you don’t particularly enjoy? While you may not actively dislike the tasks, they certainly don’t energise you and perhaps they even leave you feeling bored. Maybe you’ve thought about moving into a new […]

7 Tips for setting boundaries with teenagers

7  Tips for setting boundaries with teenagers Why do teens test the boundaries? Why won’t they listen to you? How can you control their behaviours more? Common questions, with a Secret Solution. Teens test the boundaries for several reasons; to aim for a sense of freedom, to get your attention, to determine what they can […]