Coaching programs are tailored to suit each individual client, business or corporation.   Our program pages provide an overview of what can be included in your program and which coaches are suitably experienced and trained.

Life Coaching:  It has such a broad range of benefits it is amazing.  It is not counselling or therapy.  Rather is a solution focused, forward thinking,  strengths based structured program tailored  to challenge the boundaries of the clients’ currrent thinking, behaviours that have them fall short on their goals or expectations in life.  We are client focused and this means that if you have  a health, career, business, leadership, personal development, study/schooling, life direction planning goal we can apply the principals of life coaching to help you get to where you want to be.  Life Coaching   Go to our Life Coaching page to start your own journey towards achieving more and loving your life more.    Note:  Our Life Coaches all have unique specialisations that indicates the full scope of what  their coaching approach and experience can help you with.   Go to Our Featured Coaches to see the full scope of how we can help you acheive what you want.

Career Coaching:   We have a growing number of life coaches with specific training in career development.  We’d prefer to call it our Holistic Life/Career Development Coaching Program.  It comes with an amazing workbook called “Give Yourself a Career Makeover Workbook”.  We take you through the first 4-steps of the 5 step process. View the scope of this tailored and comprehensive program here. Note:  We also have a Leadership Coaching and Mentoring program that can fit under this topic but it is different in terms of content.  It is more focused on professional development and leadership skills with the clients’ career pathway goals in mind.   For further information go to our Career Coaching page.   Also check out the drop down box for other career focused specialized programs.

Business CoachingWe have a growing number of experienced buisness coaches in our network.  They are working with small to medium businesses to help them get to the next level of profitiability and success.  We dont just look at the figures we take in to consideration the actual people at the helm and within the business.  We start out by asking them, “Are you being who you need to BE, to do what you need to DO to HAVE the level of success and happiness you want in your business? 

Sandy Ewing, our Principal and Head Coach is here to take the guesswork out finding a suitably experienced coach.  You can draw on her 17 years of coaching experience and her position as a leader in this rapidly growing industry.  She will help you to define WHAT you want to acheive, WHO is the right coach, and HOW to go about it.  Call her on 1300 13 77 06 or use our Contact Us form to start achieving what you want.


Life Coaching

Designed for you personally, this will assist you with specific goals that are established or clarified during the initial consultation. An underlying feature of life coaching with LCM is that it will always help you improve your self-motivation, self-esteem and provide you with a deeper level of personal awareness so that you set the right goals to begin with. Read more...

Career Coaching

Our Career Coaches can help you stand up and be counted when it comes to asking for a promotion or landing the job you have been hunting for. Businesses are hungry for profits and growth after a very long, lean period of time and maybe they need someone like you to add value to their team? Want to maximize your chances? Find out more...

Executive Coaching

Designed to address all the challenges of fitting in with 'the team', or achieving and exceeding targets and kpi's, and this coaching also shows you how to listen out for the signals of your co-workers so that you can keep their perspectives in mind whilst you get your own point across in any conflict that may (and will) arise. Some of our Executive Coaches provide variations to this brief description and you care read on for more information, or book a consultation to clarify you own 'best practice' now to make 2012 your best level of achievement yet!

Flirting & Dating Coaching, with Sandy Ewing

Sandy Ewing is a leading adviser and coach to the singles industry and has had numerous articles published (Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Herald Sun, Courier Mail and recently MX Newspaper) and has appeared on 7 News and the Sunrise morning program. Having studied the skill of building rapport, flirting, networking, and the law of attraction, Sandy has successfully helped hundreds of single people to attract their deal partner.

Don’t be your own best kept secret any longer!! The newest edition of Sandy's "Fabulous Flirting" e-book has just been released and it's is included for free when you join this program. After 5-6 sessions with Sandy, you will never fear rejection again. You will know how to read and use body language, flirt and socialise with style and proudness, learn how to be safe and effective with on-line dating, AND gain valuable self awareness along the way. More.....

Fit4Love Coaching, with Chez Pollock

The key benefits of this 8-10 Week program are:

  • Objectively understand your past relationships
  • Identifying common negative and positive components in past Relationships
  • Build a strengths inventory – What a good catch you are!
  • Develop a list of relationship non-negotiable values
  • Understand your relationship skills and attitudes
  • Improve your social and dating skills......more....

Business Mentoring

Whether you are the owner, the manager or a forward thinking employee you will benefit greatly from talking with an external, qualified and experience business coach. A business mentor is an independent professional advisor and mentor to help you see above your current comfort zone or level of expectation of success. Like Einstein said, "You cannot expect a different result if you use the same mindset that created it". More……

Business Start-Up Coaching (incorporating our new 2014 Corporate Escapee Program)

Are you really tired of the corporate arena and want to be your own boss now? Do you have an idea for a business but not sure if it will work or how to go about it all? Maybe a better lifestyle with long breaks and a steady pace with a steady income is something you have only been dreaming about? Or maybe you are a full-time mum and want to explore some part-time, working from home options? We have coaches with extensive corporate and business backgrounds. With years of coaching and real life experiences that have them well equipped to help you to take the necessary steps when planning your corporate escape or setting yourself up in a home-based business of your own. We take into consideration, your personality type, current skills, lifestyle goals, buisness saavy, personal attributes and learning style. Your coach will be there to help you brainstorm, show you how to research, qualify and quantify your plans and also how to put it all in to a WIP business plan that is second to none. Book a consultation now to get that ball rolling.

Confidence and Selling Yourself

First impressions are never forgotten.
Competition is fierce.... so stand out from the rest and get that boost of confidence now! This 3 session program has produced amazing results for our clients. One client achieved her ultimate goal of getting a promotion she had tried to obtain for 2 years by herself after just 3 sessions. More....

Business Workshops and Corporate Training

We have coaches and trainers that specialise in helping businesses and corporations improve the performance of their staff, sales teams and/or managers. More....

Body & Health Coaching

Have you ever really given yourself permission to have the body you desire? This coaching program, delivered by our featured coach, Chez (Cheryl) Pollock, will assist you in creating your ideal body, which includes your ideal weight and health - within reason of course. More.....

Job Placement Program

This program is aimed at two markets - JSA and DES service providers in and around Melbourne. Find out more here....

Dissertation Coaching

Struggling to finish your thesis? Working hard or hardly working? Can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel? If so, then Dissertation Coaching is for you! More....

Outplacement Services

This program is being rolled out in the public and in private sectors. With budget cuts and numerous organisational restructures going on we have tailored coaching programs that supports management to help their staff members to move forward successfully and as quickly as possible. It's flexible and effective because each staff member can opt in for the types and levels of service that are applicable only to them. Everyone's needs will be different. Our experienced staff can work with each of your team members all the way through to success re-employment or employment elsewhere, if that turns out to be the best solution for them. We apply our services with the commitment to helping you meet all legal obligations whilst maintaining the desired public image. Our second-to-none Career Development and Coaching Program is designed to suit people who may need to reflect, reinvent themselves, or redesign their career pathways. Until now, many may not have put a Career Development Plan in place so this challenging time can turn in to an opportunistic time, with the right tools and support from our team. It is also designed to help people with job search, job applications, effective resume and cover letter writing, LinkedIn Profile writing and everything in between. Interview skills training is delivered via group workshops. You can view the Career Coaching page to learn more about what your employee will receive from the participation in the program. Call Sandy Ewing, our Outplacement and Career Development specialist today. Ph: 1300 137706 or email Sandy now.