Welcome to Life Coaching Melbourne.

This page is a mini overview of our Coaching Services.  While we have our core services, delivered successfully for many years, we offer a personalised experience whereby we tailor a coaching service to suit the specific needs and goals of each individual, small-to-medium business, or corporate client.  Each coaching service listed on this page and throughout our website serves as a guide or insight of what can be included in your tailored coaching experience.  There are always variables and our coaches have their niches.

We suggest you fill out our Contact Us page with as much detail about your reasons for looking for a coach. We will follow up with a call and take care of the matching and program tailoring for you.  No fuss, no added stress trying to figure out what program and who you need.

Life Coaching:  It has such a broad range of benefits it is amazing.  It is not counselling or therapy.  Rather is a solution-focused, forward-thinking,  strengths-based structured program tailored to challenge the boundaries of the clients’ current thinking, behaviours that have them fall short on their goals or expectations in life.  We are client-focused and this means that if you have a health, career, business, leadership, personal development, study/schooling, life direction planning goal we can apply the principals of life coaching to help you get to where you want to be.

We suggest you review the coaching services page most relevant to you, at this time and within your current perspective.  Note:  Our Life Coaches all have unique specialisations that indicate the full scope of what their coaching approach and experience can help you with.   Go to Our Coaches to see the full scope of who we are and who can help you achieve what you want quicker and more effectively than you can on your own.

Career Coaching:   We have a growing number of life coaches with specific training in career development.  We’d prefer to call it our Holistic Life/Career Development Coaching Program.  Where appropriate, we include an amazing workbook called “Give Yourself a Career Makeover Workbook”.   View the scope of this tailored and comprehensive program here. Note:  We also have a Leadership Coaching and Mentoring program that can fit under this topic but it is different in terms of content.  It is more focused on professional development and leadership skills with the clients’ career pathway goals in mind.   For further information go to our Career Coaching page.   Also, check out the drop down box for other career-focused specialized programs.

Business Coaching: We have a growing number of experienced business coaches in our network.  They are working with small to medium businesses to help them get to the next level of profitability and success.  We don’t just look at the figures we take into consideration the actual people at the helm and within the business.  We start out by asking them, “Are you being who you need to BE, to do what you need to DO to HAVE the level of success and happiness you want in your business? 

Sandy Ewing, our Principal and Head Coach is here to help you take the guesswork out finding a suitably experienced coach.  You can draw on her 17 years of coaching experience and her position as a leader in this rapidly growing industry.  She will help you to define WHAT you want to achieve, WHO is the right coach, and HOW to go about it.  Call her on 1300 13 77 06 or use our Contact Us form to start achieving what you want.