Moving forward after counseling

Recently recovered from depression?

Have you come to the end of your counseling program or your mental health program?

Have you been in therapy long enough and now feel you need a practical, goal focused and strengths-based approach to moving forward?

Our Empowerment Coaching specialist, Hermann Muehbachler can help you to put all that time and energy with your Mental Health Practitioner or Counselor to good use.  Clients who come to us after counseling say that they are now really keen to get on with their lives and start to take decisive action towards their goals. Many also want to review their goals and make a fresh start with emotional balance (EQ) and greater sense of empowerment.

Hermann can help you to do all this and gain a level of SELF EMPOWERMENT that will help you to become highly resourceful, motivated and confident. There are certain steps to take at this delicate and important stage of your life. Hermann ensures you build yourself confidence and maintain a healthly self-esteem as you move forward.

View Hermann’s profile  then call us on 1300137706 to arrange a consultation.