Are you fishing with the right net?

As you start a business your focus more then likely will be on acquiring clients, and you want them yesterday.

I remember one of my first clients, he was a business owner that had been in business for a while, he had worked with a few other business coaches but just could not get the results he was looking for.

Excited about the opportunity and keen to help I jumped right into it and was ready to serve, even though a little voice in my head said, this is not the right client for you. We started our clarity session and soon it confirmed my suspicions, this was not the right client for me. I aborted the mission gracefully.

In conclusion and after some reflection time I realized not everybody with a pulse and business was the right fit for me.

Here are my 5 tips on how to fish with the right net:

  1. Think about the kind of businesses you want to work with, what is your area of expertise, what problem will you help them solve, do they align with your values
  2. Do your homework, before seeing a client check them out, get as much info as you can
  3. Who are the right networking groups for you and sort them in different categories, like learning, collaboration, referral business etc
  4. Who can you collaborate with, sometimes it’s a great idea to think outside the obvious
  5. Know your offering and strive to do things better every day so you can serve your clients better

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