Are you fishing with the right net?

As you start a business your focus will likely will be on acquiring clients and building your database to help covert future clients.   It can be quite easy to go off on tangent when someone comes to you for your input.  You get excited about a new client and immediately swing into action to serve them, right?  But sometimes, if you haven’t done your homework or established a method for qualifying people before you swing into you action you could potentially find your service offering isn’t the solution they really need.  This can lead to negative feedback or worse.

Here are my 5 tips on how to fish with the right net so you acquire the most suitable clients as you start out.

  1. Define and be willing to broadcast in your marketing material who are the kind of  clients you want to work with. Be clear on what is your area of expertise and what problems will you help them solve.  And equally important, do they align with your values?
  2. Do your homework, before seeing a client check them out, get as much background as you can
  3. Who are the right networking groups for you and sort them in different categories, like learning, collaboration, referral business etc.  Create your A, B and C lists of groups you can gain referrals and equally importantly, can refer business to
  4. Define who can you collaborate with within the A list groups. Sometimes it’s a great idea to think outside the obvious
  5. Strive to do things better every day so you can serve your clients better

When you follow these simply tips you may well find your return on your time invested in networking and client acquisition is greatly rewarded.

Business Mindset and Strategy Coach