There are many different events in our lives that cause us to want to reflect, seek and find inspiration. Easter is an example for many people each year. It often triggers deep feelings of gratitude, hope, inner peace or true motivation to step up, find more meaning, do more for others or to be more courageous.

These moments of reflection and inspiration can only become meaningful if we do something with it.

We need to harness it.

If you found yourself having a moment of reflection and inspiration over Easter or in recent times, here is one of the most effective processes for harnessing that inspiration before it diminishes and fades away completely. If you haven’t found yourself feeling reflective or inspired in recent times then use this method as a guide to activate and harness it right now.

  • PREPARE YOURSELF: Firstly, it is a good idea to grab a notebook or your journal and sit yourself down in a quiet comfortable place.  If you can, try to get yourself in nature’s garden in some way by sitting in your backyard, or in your favourite lounge chair or bedroom with the window open and relaxation music playing in the background

  • RELAX: Pause for a moment to allow yourself to become fully present and relaxed…..close your eyes and take a few deep breaths…following each breath all the way in….and hold it in for a few seconds, then release it with a longer, slower breath out, expelling all the air you possibly can each time. As you breathe out, imagine stale air and any negativity or tension is leaving your body with each breath. Then allow your breath to slip back into a normal rhythm again.

  • CAPTURE THE TRIGGER POINT and ANCHOR THE FEELINGS: Now that you are present and relaxed, keeping your eyes shut, take yourself right to the very start when the moment of reflectiveness and inspiration began. Allow this process on introspection to evolve for you now. Usually, you will notice a feeling will rise to the surface at first. Can you define what that feeling was? Was it a feeling of great courage, desire to achieve something big, or a sense of purpose, hope, gratitude? Or maybe it was about fulfillment or motivation? Just allow those feelings to surface again. Now shift your focus to your mind. Did you have a sudden idea spring to mind? Did you see a dream coming true? Or maybe you saw a vision that truly inspired you? Thinking about it again…..what was the context of your thoughts? What was that vision or moment all about? Soak it all in….recreating it in your mind…..recreating the feelings, the sounds arounds and the different elements of the vision you are now able to define.

  • CREATE A VISION STATEMENT: Open your eyes. Take your pen and get all the descriptive words of your experience down on the pages of your journal. Do your best to capture true essence of what that moment of inspiration was all about. Write absolutely anything that comes to mind. Put your pen down and scan your eyes over all that you have written. Pull all the pieces of the puzzle together in some kind of order in your mind. Now you can truly harness it by creating a well considered vision statement that begins something like this…..I am the creator of my life. I choose to become what I was meant to become and to live my life with purpose, courage and commitment to my highest vision. From this moment of inspiration I now choose to………. Write down whatever comes to mind right now. What area(s) of your life could possibly be impacted if you acted upon this idea or inspiration? Will it bring you joy or a sense of achievement and success or perhaps excitement? Allow any positive emotions to rise up and envelope your mind and body. in this moment.

  • MAP OUT YOUR ACTIONS STEPS: Pause in this positivity and prepare a detailed list of the steps you need to take to make this inspirational vision a reality for you. Include details of what tools or resources you need to utilize or gather up. Once you are satisfied with your goal plan I suggest you transfer each of the key actions steps into your planner or diary with a realistic timeline.

Some pretty amazing (and huge) goals have been set and achieved using this method of harnessing the initial inspiration. Books have been written, bloggers have written posts, art has been painted, new businesses have been launched and completely new career pathways have been discovered.

It is not always easy to follow through on those moments of inspiration. It is a busy world. People forget what the meaning of life is all about. They go about their day without much thought for their bigger picture goals or their purpose in life. People often put their journals to one side and then it gets forgotten for weeks, months and even years. Some people find their journals eventually in a drawer. They were able to re-harness the inspiration because it was all written down.

Now…what about you? What inspiration did you just harness? What inspiring vision statement did you define in your journal? If you need any help to do this, you know where we are? We now have 20+ coaches and there is likely to be one coach on the team that can help you to harness your inspiration and set the necessary goals to make it happen.

Never give up. BE the inspiration you were meant to be. DO the work you were meant to do. HAVE the enrichment, sense of achievement, love, happiness and success that comes from taking action.

We will be back in touch again very soon with some more inspiration, insights, tips and tools.

Have a truly inspirational week.

Sandy x

Our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

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Sandy Ewing
Sandy Ewing
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