Wellness Coaching

Life Coaching Melbourne has a strong focus on the health and wellbeing of the clients we work with. It is our philosophy that if you come from a place of calmness and inner-strength and have a strong sense of wellness from within, you will be in your most resourceful and energetic state. You will also have a natural desire (and ability) to take better care of your health, your happiness, your relationships and your surroundings.

The common denominators in people seeking out a life or wellness coach are:

  • Stress and worry
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of direction and purpose
  • Unhappiness
  • A feeling of overload or imbalance
  • Inability to stay focused
  • Negative thoughts and feelings
  • Lack of confidence
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Poor health (through lack of energy and less activity)

How can anyone expect to BE who they want and need to be, to DO what they want or need to do, so as to HAVE what they want to have if they have any of the above issues going on?

Life Coaching Melbourne has a team of carefully selected and wonderful Lifestyle and Wellness Coaches, and a Stress Management Consultants who’ve helped thousands of people across Australia achieve their lifestyle, health and career/business goals with their holistic approach.

STOP PRESS 10th February’21:  Emma Delahey was commissioned as a Wellbeing Coach recently by the NFP charity organization – Where There’s A Will, based in the Upper Hunter.  The Scone project was the pilot program and you can read more about what it did for the local community and meet some of the Wellbeing Ambassadors – read this – https://scone.com.au/wellbeing-coach-emma-delahey/.  Emma was also interviewed on 2nm Radio.  Brilliant work Emma!  Take a listen if you wish – 2NM Radio    A big congratulations to Emma and all the great work the Superspreaders of Scone are doing with your coaching and support.  And the program is going to spread even further, so stay tuned for the next update! 

Regain Control for Calmer Living

There are an endless variety of reasons why people seek life coaching. Stress, lack of time or energy, indecisiveness or work/life imbalance are just a few of the most common factors that stand in the way of a sense of wellbeing and direction in life. Modern life has become so frantic and complicated that it has ceased to be something we can all just “do”; for some of us, it can be absolutely overwhelming. A little help can go a long way when it comes to restoring a sense of calm in your life.  And now h we have a pandemic to deal with.

As Principal of Life Coaching Melbourne, we aim to help all our client find the peace of mind necessary to thrive in life. Life coaching does not just focus on the micro issues and anxieties that are preventing you from living your life to the fullest; our wonderful team of experienced coaches tackles them with a holistic approach to help find a solution that’s lasting. This type of thinking creates a greater sense of personal awareness and confidence that can provide you with the coping strategies to overcome the obstacles life has presented.

At Life Coaching Melbourne, we have 18 years’ experience of helping people find solutions to a huge and diverse range of problems.

How Wellness Coaching works

Think of the oxygen mask on planes as an ideal analogy to wellness – you need to fit your own mask first before you can help others (your relationships, your goals, your surroundings).

Our coaches will tailor a coaching program to suit your needs, goals and personality. It will be designed to help you to BE your best version of you, in the first instance. The foundations of your coaching program will be created during your Clarity and Strategy Session. This is a 90-minute session of insight, inspiration, and goal setting and your coach will be tapping into what motivates you and also what is currently holding you back from being your healthiest, happiest best. Your investment is $230.

In most instances, our clients want to set new goals at about the 4th Coaching Session, with their renewed energy and focus. Many clients have gained a new perspective on a number of issues in their life, and therefore many of the barriers they had, have dissipated quite substantially.

Wellness and Stress Management Workshops for corporations

Our workshops are tailored to align with each organisations’ values and vision. They are an ideal inclusion in any People and Culture development or wellbeing program. Feel free to register your interest via our Contact page.

To get back on the road to your optimum best talk to a Coach today – Phone 1300 137706 or leave your contact details here.