Looking for a meaningful and inspiring gift for a loved one – your son, daughter, mother, father……?

The gift of coaching has proven to be a well-received and meaningful present.

1:1 Life Coaching is changing lives. Why? It is a solution-focused, growth-enabling and tailored sequence of 1:1 coaching sessions designed to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be, quicker and more effectively than you could do on your own. It helps you to focus on the future, not the past. Our methodologies enable a client to get in a creative state of wellness that opens their eyes to new possibilities and to set goals that are aligned with their best version of themselves…and their values.  Each session builds upon the previous towards a set outcome.

At Life Coaching Melbourne, we have been changing lives since 2001.  That is a lot, a lot of people we have been privileged to meet and work with.  Their results inspire us as much as they do themselves.

This meaningful gift opportunity can be 1 Session or 4 Sessions.

If they loved what they gained or experienced in their first session, they can opt-in for the other 3 Sessions. How easy is that?

This offering is a 1-1 coaching program and will be tailored to help the gift voucher recipient to establish their goals and create a plan to make it happen. Or maybe they need help with finding direction?  That is ok. Coaching all about finding clarity and empowering clients to follow through on that clarity and to take decisive action.

Finding direction, meaning, purpose and achievement is what 70% of all new enquiries are asking about.  With 19 years experience, you and the recipient have peace-of-mind that we can help most people to set and achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality (even if they start out not knowing what their goals are!).

Oh, and, personal growth and a boost of confidence and motivation are inevitable!  The recipient just needs to commit to the process to enable these outcomes.

We encourage our clients to incorporate a particular life skill they want to develop, such as:

  • Social confidence
  • Getting organised
  • Being more productive
  • Public speaking
  • Better communication
  • Develop effective study habits
  • Learning to set the right goals and creating a goal plan
  • Overcoming a barrier to greater happiness or better health
  • Staying motivated and focused.

How to obtain your personalised Gift Voucher, please register your details and include any questions via our contact page.

You will be prompted to leave your details and our friendly Head Coach, Sandy Ewing will call you to gather some details of the recipient and what it is that you want for them and to also to talk about their current situation. We need to ensure that coaching is right for them and that you are happy with our service offering.

You can advise your loved one that it all begins with a 10-minute phone call with the Principal, Sandy Ewing. Sandy has 18years of coaching experience to help her to understand the needs of each client and be able to select the right coach, carefully and methodically.  From there, the recipient would book just the Discovery and Strategy Session.  If they liked the whole experience then they opt-in to continue or leave it there.  Regardless, they will have an insightful and meaningful coaching session.

If you have someone in your life that has been struggling with a goal or area of their life, or many stuck in a rut, then let’s have a chat about it.  Maybe we can help them?  The number to call is 1300137706 between 8.30 am and 7 pm Monday to Friday.