Life Direction and Life Training

Life coaching is a sequence of coaching sessions designed for you personally and can assist you with almost any goal or issue you may have in any area of your life. It is for anyone who wants to get more out of life, or find a better way to do or think about a particular aspect or aspects of their life. It is for people who want to move forward rather than stay at the same level. Call us to speak to a friendly, experienced coach about what it is that you want to achieve. We have a coach on-call (most of time). The number to call is 1300 13 77 06. Alternatively, you can register your interest and we will call you back as quickly as possible.

Why is coaching so successful and how come it seems so generic?

Coaching offers a framework to reflect, get feedback, brain-storm, expand your awareness, to grow and learn, make the right decisions and then take action. A coach is trained to ask you the right questions so that you gain a new perspective on any situation. It’s about creating solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Learning positive lessons from the past is a key factor in our coaching. It’s about helping you be the best version of YOU, so that you attract the right people, right job, right clients, and desirable lifestyle that suits what you VALUE most in life. Coaching provides you with an ideal, non-judgmental environment to explore, plan and achieve sustainable outcomes.

Think about this for a few moments…..people are not happy when they are feeling ‘stuck’. So does this mean that the definition of happiness is really G R O W T H ?


It’s because we believe that the definition of happiness is GROWTH that we have a keen focus on your personal growth throughout the program. We will help you to make better choices and set goals that are right for you, that will stretch you and inspire you at the same time. We will bring out your best and maybe your ‘best’ is better than you think!

We have Life Coaching (generic) and we have specific or tailored programs that Life Coaches deliver, e.g. coaching for business owners, dating coaching, career coaching etc. You, the client, do not need to know exactly how to go about selecting a program. That is our job to ascertain when you call 1300 137706 or email us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not counsellors. We focus on your future, not your past. Naturally we will help you draw on the positive lessons available to you from your past, but we do not dwell in the past. We are solution focused and keen to hold you to a higher standard in life. Some people may not be ready to move forward. As trained life coaches we will assess each client’s suitability as part of our Initial Consultation. We also have a network of trained therapists to refer clients to if the need is there in the interim. Mild depression is not usually a barrier and in some situations our clients have eased away from medications and therapists during their coaching program with the approval of their medical practitioner.

Become your own self-coaching expert like all our clients do. The choice is yours, to keep doing things the same way and you will keep getting the same results OR you can get a coach of your own and start creating a bigger and brighter future today. Book here or phone 1300 13 77 06 now.