During our assessment and matching process, sometimes underlying issues become apparent.  It may mean that the individual or the group are not quite ready emotionally and/or mentally to embrace the traditional solution-focused, forward-thinking coaching methodologies and principles.  Many of the underlying issues we come across as associated with stress.

We are fortunate to have Shahran Masood, Hermann Muehlbachler and Michael Bartura on the LCM Team to offer their stress reduction coaching programs and workshops. Each of them have written and delivered group programs that equip the participants with the tools and insights to understand and deal with their stress and anxiety and to understand the impacts on their health, relationships and their capacity at work.

Shahran’s client-centred approach and skillset help clients to get back to the best and feeling inspired.  By working on underlying issues, he guides his clients forward towards a personal goal, whilst given them (and their loved ones) the comfort in knowing that she is understanding and always has their growth, potential and well-being in mind, as you work together.

Hermann’s methodologies bring Emotional Wellbeing/EFT techniques, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, and Naturopathy together to help you gain self-awareness and self-empowerment.  He works with groups at a corporate level on topics such as emotional intelligence, team building, wellness in the workplace and group meditation.  On an individual level, he helps his clients to move on, by dealing with trauma, PTSD, high anxiety, low self-esteem, phobias, overcoming the impact of past-abuse and addictions.  Hermann’s clients come from all walks of life and with a broad spectrum of issues to overcoming.  If you have had enough of your “old story” running the show, Hermann will work with you to create a “new story” – equipping you with life-changing tools and frameworks.

Michael has a rich and versatile background in Therapy, Education, Business as well as Training & Development including 12 years as a therapist and 17 years leading, training and coaching individuals and groups across four continents. He is an associate of the Asian leadership Institute which drives senior executive programs backed up by neuroscience and more than 30 years of executive leadership coaching at the highest level, and has been involved in the development of leadership coaching programs. Having trained in various modalities and more specifically Positive Neuroplasticity, he also developed his own Life &  Mindfulness Leadership Coaching programs based on his previous experience and now works out of Melbourne, Byron Bay and online.

Each of these well-credentialed Coaches facilitate a number of workshops for small and medium business, as well as large corporations making them ideal service providers for your People and Culture Wellness Programs.

For an initial phone consultation with Shahran,  Hermann or Michael please call 1300137706 fill out our Contact Form.


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