Life Coaching Melbourne’s service offering summary

In 2001 our Founder, Sandy Ewing started out as a sole trader.  In 2006 she became ‘we’ with a team of 5 other coaches. In 2012, we became a team of 12. Now, ‘The A Team’ has grown to over 20 coaches, consultants and counsellors.

How it works for SMEs and Corporations

  1. Let us know your current situation, the challenges you are facing, and the desired outcomes (we can assist with this)
  2. We provide our recommendations and an overview of the solution + quote
  3. Together we map out the program schedule
  4. The roll-out, complete with measurable milestones and progress reports
  5. We wrap up or create continuum.  

Our teams have been busy tailoring group workshops and coaching services to support individuals, teams and overall organisations during the COVID19 crisis and as we emerge from it.  There are opportunities arising out of the chaos and uncertainty.

While we have our core 1:1 coaching services and group workshops delivered successfully over many years, we also offer a personalised experience whereby we tailor a coaching service to suit the specific needs and goals of small-to-medium businesses, and corporate clients. There are always variables and our coaches have their niches.

During and post-COVID19 all our services have been adapted to suit most online platforms.  People are experiencing different sets of emotions, fears and anxieties. Many people haven’t felt so vulnerable before.  Our 1:1 Coaching Services and Programs are in more demand than ever.  We can take care of your Wellness Programs to support your teams as they ride with the ever-changing work environments.

You are welcome to call to talk to me or request a call from any of our coaches. We can ascertain if you need coaching or counselling.  We have both.  Our number is 1300137706. Or fill out our Contact Us page and check some boxes about whatever is relevant to you while you are thinking about it.

Here is an outline of each of our services. Please keep in mind our coaches have 2-3 areas of expertise.

Life Coaching:  It has such a broad range of benefits.   It is not counselling or therapy.  Rather is a solution-focused, forward-thinking,  strengths-based structured program tailored to challenge the boundaries of the clients’ current thinking to get your to the next level in life, in general, our in specific areas of your life.  Our coaches are experts at identifying behaviours that have causes people to fall short on their goals or expectations in life.  We are client-focused and this means that if you have a health, career, business, leadership, personal development, study/schooling, life direction planning goal we can apply the principals of life coaching to help you get to where you want to be. Learn more….

Career Coaching:   We have a growing number of life coaches with specific training in career development.  We’d prefer to call it our Holistic Life/Career Development Coaching Program  because that is really what it is about.  View the full scope of our this comprehensive program here.

Teenager and Young Adult Coaching:  Our 1:1 Teenager and Young Adult Coaching can include goal setting, making wise decisions about anything from career/study pathways, social, friendships and to understand yourself and other better. The underlying focus is personal growth, sustainable life-skill development, self-empowerment and greater confidence.  Read more…

We also have a Leadership Coaching and Mentoring program that can fit under this topic but it is different in terms of content.  It is more focused on professional development and leadership skills with the clients’ career pathway goals in mind.   For further information go to our Career Coaching page.   Also, check out the drop down box for other career-focused specialized programs. Read more…

Business Coaching and Workshops: Thinking about exiting corporate life?  Many people are with everything going on in 2021, it is not surprising. We have growing number of experienced business coaches in our network.  They are working with small to medium businesses to help them get to the next level of profitability and success or help them explore, define and plan your new Start-Up business.  We don’t just look at the figures we take into consideration the developmental needs of the people at the helm and within the business. Click here to learn more about our Business Coaching offering.