I have known Helen Robinett in her role of a styling and leadership coach for well over 15 years. Across that time, I have noticed and celebrated her strategic purpose, clarity, energy and flexibility as a business owner who delivers a unique, enduring service to her clients..

As a stylist and coach for women who want to thrive in their business and professional contexts, Helen is able to:

– Identify and adapt apt style choices for individual clients
– Motivate and support clients through their individual choices
– Confirm the importance and relevance of change as clients move through careers
– Give women the confidence to implement the changes they are making as they move through each stage of their careers

Helen brings unique enthusiasm and energy for change to each client’s unique context. She is driven by diversity in her life and work experience as a coach and stylist. I am confident to recommend Helen’s unique approach to style innovation to her current and future clients.

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