How do you ask a mate to be your bubble buddy? It is a bit like asking someone out. It can be awkward!

As a Life Coach, we are all about helping people to find a solution to almost any challenge.

So, before you ask anyone, or accept an invitation to be one…do this….

Ask yourself a few important and reflective questions:

  • Have I done it really tough in lockdown so far?
  • Do I really need to turn the rest of lockdown into an opportunity in some way?  (We hope you would say YES)
  • Have I been bored brainless and need someone who is lots of fun and knows how make me laugh?
  • Do I know someone who is really struggling that I know I can help?

It is important to reflect on your past lockdown challenges so you understand how you could really benefit from having a Bubble Buddy.

Have you struggled with procrastination and need to set some goals and be held accountable?  Or is it more about loneliness and someone being available to share a meal each night?   Have you been unfortunate enough to have lost your job and have anxiety about your career prospects and know someone who is in the same boat?  Why not think about what opportunities you could create for yourself or your business during the extended lockdown?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could create a win/win scenario with a like-minded person in your network?

Now that you have reflected on what you want, you can create a Bubble Buddy Vision Statement to highlight what you want and what you are about.

For example:  “I see myself buddying up with a person who also wants to be accountable for keeping fit, having balance, staying positive, and getting work done super-efficiently.  A person who is willing to support and challenge me through the good and the tough moments and will allow me do the same.”

Another Vision Statement could be:  “I am a great listener and would love to help someone in need.  I am great at making people laugh or lifting their spirits when they are feeling down. If this is you ensure you get back to me ASAP ”

Next, make a list of all your potential buddies and keep in mind the qualities you admire about them.

Then send out your generic text message with your BB Vision Statement and a call to action.  For example:  “If this sounds like you please get in touch asap.  Thank you for your help and understanding.”

So, there you have a Life Coach’s suggestion.  If you have any questions feel free to call us on 1300137706.

Best wishes from all the team at Life Coaching Melbourne.  We are getting closer to the other side of this.