How to get your relationship back on track

When you are in the depths of a long-term or significant relationship it can be very hard to notice what is or isn’t working.  You are emotionally attached and therefore you might find you are often reactive whenever your partner wants to talk about an issue.

Our Relationship Enhancement Coaching works because:

  • We help our clients (usually an individual) to become responsive rather than reactive by firstly showing them how to let go of unwanted negative emotions and thoughts from the past. We use a few different methods and we realise the importance of tailoring the right methodologies for the situation at hand and to suit the personality of the person we are working with.  Often NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is very helpful relationship re-building.
  • Once our clients are free of reactivity (or able to manage it well) we can help them to be more resourceful and creative with the way they communicate and show they really do care and love their partners.
  • We show clients creative and engaging ways to brainstorm solutions to some of their problems.  This important part of the program and can result in significant enhancement and rekindling of their connection. It make it deeper again.  There are many practical ways to do this and our Relationship Enhancement focused Life Coaches have a huge list of resources and the experience to help you have the renewed depth of connection you want with your partner you are craving.

This program is ideally for individuals and towards the end of the 1:1 coaching we can incorporate goal setting for couples – including both partners for 2-3 sessions.

Who can benefit?

It suits those of you in a strained relationship who may have found “Couples Counselling” to be prone to causing more arguments and even despair.   This is not to say counselling isn’t or hasn’t been of value to many couples out there. We are simply offering a fresh approach and we believe that is often better when one person in a relationship chooses to create subtle, positive ripples within the relationship, for the greater good.

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