Don’t be your own best-kept secret any longer!

Had enough of being left out of conversations or feeling uncomfortable in social situations?
Sick of online dating and all the rejection that goes with that?

Have you ever wondered why you just aren’t attracting the right relationships into your life?

Lost the art of flirting and now you hold back from actually approaching someone you really, really liked?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Life Coaching Melbourne has the coaching program you need to get out there and become your most confident best.

What does this Social Confidence and Dating Coaching program offer? Whatever you need to ensure you start feeling better about yourself in social situations.  You want to mingle like a socialite and have fun in the process, right?  Or maybe you are ready to start attracting the right person for that long-term fulfilling and loving relationship.  We would tailor your coaching program to suit your needs and goals.

This tailored 1:1 coaching program that can include:

  • Build up your social confidence so that you can mingle and chat with anyone
  • Put the barriers of “shyness” behind you
  • Gain clarity about who is right for you, and how to attract them
  • Learn to overcome fears of rejection or self-doubt
  • Learn to love yourself (if you don’t already) so you can receive the love and affection of others
  • Learn rapport building, body language, dating and relationship building skills
  • Learn to socialise so you can confidently & PLAYFULLY approach or attract anyone worthy
  • Learn to handle the dating phase with ease
  • Learn all about feminine and masculine energy and how to tap into it.

You will also gain the feedback you need about how you currently come across and what you need to do to improve it.

Sandy Ewing is a leading adviser, Neuro Linguistics Expert, and Lifestyle Coach to the singles sector in Melbourne and has had numerous articles published (Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Herald Sun, Courier Mail, MX Newspaper and online at and has appeared on Channel 7. Along with 17 years of successful coaching, Sandy studied the art of building rapport, flirting, the law of attraction, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Sandy has successfully helped 1,000s of single people to attract their own special someone. She is the author of The Fabulous Flirt’s Handbook which is being launched officially in November 2018.  It is already being incorporated into this highly popular coaching program.

Don’t be your own best-kept secret any longer!

Within 2-3 months of 1:1 coaching with Sandy, you will never fear rejection again. You will know how to read and use body language, flirt & socialize with style and confidence and gain valuable self-awareness along the way. You will gain the interest of others, not just get noticed. Sandy will also help you to get clear on who would be a suitable life partner and what makes a truly great relationship for you.  It incorporates a values elicitation that helps you to clarify what really want and what you value most in a long-term, fulfilling relationship.

She will take you through the step by step process that includes getting ready for a fulfilling relationship. Whilst flirting and dating is a part of the initial steps, relationship development is a key element of this wonderful, fun and highly successful program.

Call Sandy on 1300137706 or fill out our Contact Us form and she will ring you back within 48 hours.