Stress Management for Businesses and Corporations

In our 24/7 we are always under stress in some form or another. The situations that cause us stress are everywhere – we can’t avoid them. We don’t need to. It is how we respond when the stress kicks in that really count.

It could be work-related stress, money pressures, family or relationship issues. It could be the stress we feel like new, or exhausted parents, or even the stress felt by our loved ones as they try to study well or cope better at school or uni. Maybe they are in a socially challenging school or university environment. Most likely, it’s just a combination of everything!

The problem is that our body responds to stressful situations, by releasing a flood of stress chemicals into our body, that are designed to “supercharge” our body to help us fight the stress.

Our body is also designed, when the stress is over, to turn-off these stress chemicals, and return our body to balance.

Prolonged stress can cause serious health problems

Exposure to this long-term stress is known as chronic stress, and long-term exposure, over months or even years, of our body to these dangerous stress chemicals can cause serious health problems.

Medical researchers have proven that chronic stress is a cause or serious illness such as heart attack and stroke, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, as well as severe mental illness such as anxiety and depression.

The American Medical Association, the AMA, has estimated that between 60-80% of all illness is stress-related.

So, what is the solution?

Because we can’t avoid stress, we need a solution that allows us to live and work in a stressful environment, without the damaging, serious, long-term health risks caused by exposure to chronic stress. We need a solution that allows us, at any time, to control our body’s response to a stressful situation and to the symptoms of stress when we feel them. There are methods for embracing the stress allowing us to work better under pressure or respond rather than react to the numerous triggers in our lives.

Whether you are an HR Manager or an individual seeking to find a stress-management solution we can help. We have a member on our team, Shahran Masood that can facilitate workshops and/or 1:1 coaching for your teams. Shahran can tailor something to suit. For further information please phone 1300 137 706 or click here now to book a no-obligation initial consultation.