Mental Wellbeing Coach | Life Skills Coach | Workplace Counsellor and Facilitator

Catherine has extensive experience in the field of mental health and well-being.  She is the ideal Coach that fits between Counselling/Therapy and main-stream Life Coaching.

Catherine can support, guide and inspire you to follow your path of success and personal fulfilment.  She can offer inspiration, hope and the skills to cope better with the ‘hurts’ in life. She guides you to move towards resilience, agility and acceptance.  She becomes your helping hand to diminish the fear and uncertainty that is part of life.

Catherine holds a degree in Psychiatric Studies/ Nursing and is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and a Life Skills Program Co-Ordinator.  Catherine works in a variety of settings, working with groups, individuals and couples.  She has developed and delivered a variety of Life Skills programs that are specifically designed to help people (and their families or support circles) with mental illness and diseases to work towards living a balanced, fulfilling and “normal” life, even better than they thought was possible.

Catherine has spent many years in the community, hospital and private consultancy environments assisting individuals grappling with mental health and family challenges.  She offers a secure space to help clients to understand, share, learn and grow.  Her approach with 1:1 and group counselling is adaptable, encouraging, supportive, insightful and motivational.  She won’t let any client or group participant “sit on the fence” or get stuck in a victim mentality.

Catherine offers advanced levels of knowledge and qualifications in psychotherapeutic modalities including couples therapy.  Such as:

  • DBT – Dialectical Behaviour Therapy – individual and group
  • ACT- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • IPT – Interpersonal Therapy
  • Couple Work – Gottman Institute and Relationship Australia – Internship
  • Training in Group Analytic Process – IOGAP

Catherine’s background includes working in treatment and support of people with:

  • Schizophrenia; bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Substance misuse
  • Life transition issues; challenges of ageing, post-retirement, redundancy trauma and issues with loss of control/ self-worth/change and loneliness.

Catherine’s commitment to on-going training keeps her work relevant, up to date and innovative.  She continues to develop and implement group programs, conducting small workshops, group therapy and working 1:1.

Catherine can support individuals with:

  • Overcome long-term patterns of self-doubt, procrastination and undermining oneself
  • Using positive psychology methodologies to overcome destructive behaviours and emotions
  • Personal development planning
  • Finding inspiration and hope after troubled times
  • Regaining direction
  • Clarifying purpose and meaning
  • Growth and expanding potential
  • Developing everyday mindfulness skills to enhance lifestyle and happiness
  • Life Transition points – adolescence adulthood, single to married, from divorced from acceptance and moving forward powerfully
  • Making wise choices
  • Finding a way through acceptance, transforming pain and suffering in life
  • Develop focus, start the steps towards the life your desire
  • Find and trust your own personal power
  • Develop skills in emotional fitness
  • Self-soothing skills in times of distress
  • Relaxation skills
  • Mindfulness skills

The benefits or topics that Catherine can deliver in Group Sessions are:

  • Find hope, confidence and courage
  • Gaining knowledge and understanding
  • Sharing life experiences
  • Belonging to a group
  • acceptance
  • improving coping skills
  • enhancing strengths
  • building skills
  • connection altruism
  • creativity

Catherine can support organisations on a monthly retainer basis with a sequence of group workshops and 1:1 Coaching:

  • Workplace counselling services:
    • Creating a happier work culture with a solution focus
    • Work/life balance and well-being and stress management
    • Brainstorming and problem solving
    • Overcoming low morale in the workplace after structural changes
    • Reducing staff turnover as a result of all of the above
    • Using dissatisfaction to motivate and create change
    • Change management
    • Resolving workplace conflicts
    • Having a calm influence with workplace disturbances (restructures, downsizing, redundancy, loss and grief)
    • Reducing staff turnover as a result of all of the above.
  • Leadership development and communication modelling:
    • Problem-solving – solution focused
    • Creating win/win outcomes
    • Good stress Vs Bad Stress – creating positivity in times of stress
    • Dealing with substance-affected employees
    • Integrating special needs employees with the company’s culture

Qualifications and registrations:

Registered Mental Health Nurse ACHMN
Registered with AHPRA
Registered with Medicare
Member of the ANWF
Member of the International Organisation of Group Analytic Psychotherapists
Member of the IAGP- International Association for Groups (Psychotherapy and Group Processes).

A favourite quote of Catherine’s,  “ It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are”   ( E. E. Cummings)

For a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with Catherine please call 1300137706 fill out our Contact Form