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Chloé has established an extensive career as a bilingual director-actress, creative and corporate performance coach and lecturer whose passion lies in authenticity, personal development, resilience and storytelling. Combining her extensive experience in the entertainment industry alongside personal and corporate coaching, she has a passion for unlocking and empowering individuals to reach their creative potential both personally and in their careers. Chloe is based in Sydney CBD and delivers Skype sessions for her Australian and international clients or when she is travelling overseas.

Having worked in the entertainment industry in excess of 10 years alongside award-winning directors and actors in Australia and internationally, the acting techniques she has developed have been used to unlock and empower individuals to reach their creative and personal potential. Chloé has coached at leading acting and film schools in Australia and France (National Institute of Dramatic Art, Australian Film, Television and Radio School, Victorian College of the Arts, Paris Esec Film School, Sydney Film School); and has coached on critically acclaimed features such as Strangerland starring Nicole Kidman.

In the corporate sector, Chloé has provided performance coaching for a number of team leaders from world-class corporations, including clients from Telstra and David Jones. She has also teamed up with Greate Group and holds resilience and leadership workshops for top banks in Australia including CBA and BNP ParisBas.  Chloé also holds corporate performance one-on-one coaching and workshops for corporates who are wanting to improve their communication, motivational, leadership and listening skills. Practical examples include ‘pitching’ with authenticity and delivering powerful messages, being more present, speaking up and boosting your confidence to share your vision and ideas.

Chloé’s coaching approach enables individuals to reach their full potential. She has experienced the powerful tool that coaching is first hand and it has lead her on this pathway of wanting to give back. Chloé’s gift is in helping clients to find their true motivation in work/life by aligning their values and vision whilst helping her clients better understand themselves for greater confidence and self-belief. From a place of greater self-belief, Chloé guides you forward, making better choices and following through with them. There will be challenges along the way and Chloé helps you to tap into your naturally creative mindset to establish a solution. The common issues she addresses in in the creative field are a lack of motivation, struggling with the business side of the creative industry, creative accountability and lack of self-belief.

The benefits of Chloe’s Coaching and Mentoring for Creatives include:

  • Igniting your “creative spark” within you
  • Screen acting and directing mentoring
  • Understanding a creative mind for greater self-awareness
  • Confidence building
  • Developing your resilience to deal with rejection
  • Defining your personal brand
  • Staying motivated
  • Structure and accountability
  • Defining your values and vision
  • Focus and clarity
  • Professional development planning and goal setting
  • Encouragement and support
  • Performance enhancement – being you best/stepping up to the next level
  • Managing your mental states
  • Overcoming mental blocks
  • Work/life balance
  • Stress management

The benefits of Chloe’s Corporate Performance Coaching:

  • Pitching with authenticity
  • Confidence to communicate vision
  • Deliver powerful messages
  • Take risks and contribute their own creative ideas
  • Speak up
  • Be more present in the room

Chloe’s Coaching can be delivered via 1:1 phone or Skype or small group workshops

Chloe’s qualifications and professional development:

  • NIDA acting coach
  • Bachelor Degree in Creative Arts – Melbourne University
  • Acting – 16th Street Actors Studio
  • Acting – Melbourne Actors Lab
  • Film/TV Acting – ABC, Channel 7, Channel 10, Fremantle Media, Foxtel
  • Training and Assessment – Certificate IV – Macauley College


“The creative coach sessions I have undertaken with Chloé Boreham helped not only to build my confidence and leadership skills in the work environment but also to path a new professional direction that I am now extremely excited about. Chloé’s enthusiasm and passion are contagious, I saw quick and effective results after only a few sessions. I highly recommend Chloé as a creative coach”.

(Livia Lima, Creative Director Client, Sydney, 2017)


“I believe one of the best decisions I have ever made in my career was to choose to be coached by Chloé while preparing for my fellowship exam (OSCE). Her priceless advice and detailed comments have improved my communication skills dramatically. Her coaching techniques not only helped me in my career but also in other aspects of my life. Thanks to Chloé, I now am more aware and present in every single step I take in my life and career”.

(S.N, Corporate Client, Sydney, 2017)


“Chloé has recently finished presenting a set of resiliency sessions to our team. I wanted to share how we all found the sessions immensely beneficial. Despite a diverse range of ages, backgrounds and perspectives in the room, we each had an individual take out and action from each session. She had a tailored, high energy, very engaging approach which worked well with the group”.

(CBA, Sydney Corporate Client, Resilience Monthly Workshop, Sydney, 2017)