Life Coach | Youth Coach (Online coaching only available)

Guadalupe studied for her Bachelors of Psychology in Spain, Italy and Mexico. She undertook her practical components in Germany, then specialised in Coaching and Positive Psychology in San Francisco, California. Since then she has worked with individuals – helping them to unlock their potential and to become their best selves. She has also conducted Emotional Intelligence workshops with children and teenagers in both schools and non-profits organisations in Mexico, giving her valuable experience with children and adolescents as well.

Do you have the feeling that you want more from your life but you aren’t sure how to get it? She will help get you there. Since she was young, Guadalupe has had a deep fascination with the process of personal growth. She loves to work with talented individuals who are looking for guidance in upgrading their lives and levels of satisfaction and success in every way.

Her international education has enabled her strong capability to work with any kind of personality. Five years of study in clinical psychology makes her coaching approach very scientifically based. With each international relocation, she has challenged and continually coached herself to thrive in new and different environments. These experiences allow her to deeply understand the mechanisms behind transitions – either physical or psychological – through her own life.

Guadalupe will help you to:

– Cultivate self-knowledge and self-care

– Develop coping and resilience strategies

– Make achievable changes step-by-step

– Build resources that will help you to become the best version of yourself

– Bring awareness to and work on your “inner speech”

– Build up the motivation to change

– Overcome fears and blocks that are stopping you from moving forward

– Develop your strengths and skills

– Define and reframe your values – understanding what is important to you and incorporating this into your goals

– Cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself and others


Qualifications and other credentials:

Psychology Graduate – University of Valencia, Spain

Core Strengths Coaching Skills: Certificate – The San Francisco State University

Marshall Goldsmith Leadership and Team Stakeholder Coach Certification – Marshall Goldsmith, Sunnyvale, California

Coaching Young People For Success (CYPFS), Leaders Accreditation Training – Melbourne

Research Assistant  at Self Project, Freie Universität  of Berlin

Facilitator – Workshops with Save the Children and Municipal System for the Integral Development of the Family, Mexico.