Life and Career Coach   

During Kathrine’s 17+ years in the corporate world, working as a Change Management Consultant, Kathrine coached many people within various organisations on how to adapt to and embrace the constant pace of change that was being thrown at them. Kathrine also helped senior leaders to understand the impacts on employee’s daily lives and help to bring about a successful transition for all concerned. The nature of this work taught Kathrine an enormous amount about human behaviour and how to encourage the best out of people to achieve positive outcomes both individually and as a team.

Working with people at all levels of large, multi-national corporations, along with many years coaching and mentoring for charities has taught Kathrine that fundamentally we all have the same hopes, fears, wants and needs. That perspective, self-belief and action are the things that separate failure from success.

Kathrine has first-hand experience with change on many levels including changing careers successfully in her 20s (from viticulture to change management) and in her 40’s (from change management to career coaching) so is living proof that anyone can do it! She knows that we all have inner battles within ourselves and that we can all choose to either block our possibilities or, choose to be the change we want to see – one small step at a time.

Her charity work included coaching people affected by domestic violence, drug addiction and personal, career and life crisis.

In 2017 Kathrine decided to take everything she had learnt from coaching for charities and corporates, in London and Auckland, and use it to help people by coaching individuals who were struggling with an aspect of their career or desperate to flip things on their head completely by starting something new. She set up her own Career Coaching practice in Auckland which achieved (what felt like) overnight success as the demand was so great for her particular style of coaching and she is now bringing her coaching talent and passion for helping others to Melbourne.  She contacted LCM and we decided she would be a great fit for our team. In her words, she is “super excited” to be here and simply wants to help as many people as she can with their career and life choices, as she thrives wholeheartedly on the breakthroughs and successes of others.

Kathrine brings a realistic, pragmatic and results-driven approach to her coaching but also injects humour and fun when she can. Because she believes even when life seems to be throwing lemons, there is always a reason to smile if you dig deep enough.

Kathrine’s coaching methodologies and approach will help you to;

  • Uncover all your job and career options for greater fulfilment and success
  • Validate the choices that are right for you to achieve a fulfilling career
  • Build or rebuild your confidence and self-esteem
  • Reflect in a more holistic way by asking you the questions you never thought to ask yourself – resulting in clarity, direction and self-empowerment
  • Gain a different perspective by challenging any negative self-beliefs (all the reasons why you think you “can’t”)
  • To become “unstuck” even if you have been so for some time
  • Make change happen in the quickest and most effective way
  • Develop plans to ensure you reach your goals, one “doable” step at a time
  • Get you “interview ready” by equipping you with the right attitude, presentation and communication techniques
  • Manage any anxieties in the workplace

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Certified Life Coach through the Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance (ANZCAL) – 2017
  • Served as a Coach and Mentor for a charity (THT) in the UK for 6 years
  • Served as a Trainer of Coaches for THT for 4 years
  • Member of Evercoach Masters Coaching Circle (US) – since 2017
  • Coached staff within large organisations as a Change Management Consultant – including Reuters, Fonterra, ASB, IAG, Tower, Sky, Air New Zealand – to ensure the smooth adoption of changes within complex environments for over 17 years (coaching and mentoring the psychological shift required for people to embrace a new way of working)
  • Certified in Design Thinking through the Service Design Academy (Amsterdam) – 2016