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Kelly is a highly experienced coach and accredited practitioner of a variety of human behavioural methodologies. Kelly has a natural ability to activate, empower and help you realise the potential that exists within you. Supporting you towards making positive choices that align with your true nature. Through a unique coaching process drawing from universal laws and quantum physic principles, Kelly will help you to see things more clearly, with guidance and strategies to take actionable steps.

Kelly has coached individuals seeking to move out of feeling stuck, or desperate for change in their personal and professional life.

Clients have included business leaders & business owners, creative producers and individuals seeking to explore new career or job possibilities; to discern options, apply and prepare for interviews.


Kelly’s coaching sessions are designed to:

  • Address your primary focus area/s, experience shifts and determine actionable solutions.
  • Navigate current challenges and create focus towards meaningful progress and outcomes.
  • Explore and identify your strengths, your desired experiences, and dreams for what you intend to create for your life.
  • Review options objectively and determine action plans for integration and growth.
  • Strengthen your self-concept and self-perception.
  • Increase your ability to adapt to change and take authority for creating the life choices you desire and deserve.
  • Identify and shift beliefs and assumptions that limit progression and fulfilment.
  • Challenge current ‘default’ thinking and patterns, shifting towards what will best serve you.
  • For job seekers, support with networking, application and interview process.

For business leaders and owners, in addition to the above:

  • Identify desired experiences and vision for your business
  • Consider options if pivoting is required and growth strategies to optimise
  • Review or co-creatively design the architecture of your business brand essence and culture

1:1 Coaching Sessions will resonate with:

  • Individuals seeking to make a change in their personal or professional life
  • Individuals seeking a new job position or career change
  • Leaders and business owners
  • Creative producers / creatives

Kelly’s applicable Qualifications and Training:

Neuro Linguistic Practitioner Coaching Certification

Extended DISC Accredited Practitioner

Credentialed, Advanced and Master Practitioner of Coaching

Deep State Re-Patterning Practitioner

Consultative Sales Methodology Training

Meta Dynamics Practitioner and Consultant

Disruptive Leadership

Marketing for Small – Medium Business

Human Resource – Diploma

Kelly has a rare combination of skills and knowledge developed throughout her extensive and varied professional life. Kelly’s career began in the entertainment industry as a performer, with a highlight performing a lead role of Eponine in the Australian / New Zealand tour of the 10th Anniversary production Les Miserables. After having reached this dream role, Kelly expanded her path and through independent study and experience working directly with leaders at the top of their field. In addition to coaching, Kelly has experience in presenting workshops, training leaders, managing projects, events, client acquisition, marketing, strategic engagement, career transition, talent management, recruitment and client management. Her breadth of life exploration adds value and perspective when partnering with her clients.

“By taking the time to consciously decode language and physiological patterns, we can identify limiting and unresourceful beliefs and values. We can then shift and reframe our thinking and create conscious focus, energy and clear intent on what we desire to create, leading to breakthroughs very quickly. Now this is the beginning of creating an extraordinary life; to truly live in the moment, with the desired feelings, experiences and sense of fulfilment we seek through this human experience.”

Kelly Hoskin

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