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Kelly is a highly experienced coach and accredited practitioner of a variety of human behavioural methodologies. Having coached and consulted with many creatives and business leaders, Kelly’s success is attributed to her passion to empower her clients to further discover the potential that exists within them and their enterprise.

Kelly navigates through a unique process that enables her clients to expand and develop their current patterns of thinking and practise, and to explore alternative and viable options creating meaningful progress and positive outcome. Through this process, Kelly has witnessed transformations within clients personal and professional lives.

Kelly has a rare combination of skills and knowledge developed throughout her extensive and varied professional life. Kelly’s career began in the entertainment industry as a performer, with a highlight performing a lead role of Eponine in the Australian / New Zealand tour of the 10th Anniversary production Les Miserables. After having reached this dream role, Kelly extended her skills moving from the commercial stage to presenting workshops, marketing presentations, training leaders, managing events, projects, client acquisition and client relationship management. Her leadership, sales and presentation skills opened doors across sectors and companies.

As a coach, Kelly has individually coached business leaders, owners, managers, creative leaders, coaches, parents and performers. Facilitating workshops predominately in the areas of performance & presenting skills, personal growth, identity and job search training.  She has recently added recruitment training and experience that takes her breadth of value even further.

Kelly has collaborated with other business coaching professionals to provide even greater value and insights through an integrated approach of mindset coaching and business consulting.

They have created a program aimed to be like an external strategic partner, enabling you to thoroughly understand where you are, where you are going and the resources available to help you get there. Their program or “model” uses a dynamic and bespoke approach to help you plan and manage your way through the complexities of work and life.

“Working with them is a transformative and inspiring experience. Their strategic insights will be invaluable to businesses and individuals wanting to maximise their potential. The exciting thing about Kelly and Rachel is the synergy of their different and complementary approaches – like Dr Spok and Captain Kirk they are a dynamic team.”   Creative Entrepreneur of award winning music for film, tv, advertising & new media.

The program includes this unique mix of mindset and leadership components, supporting clients to:

  • Navigate through current challenges and create focus towards meaningful progress and outcomes
  • Identify desired experiences and vision for life and business
  • Determine strategies for work, life and vision integration
  • Strengthen self-concept and the ability to adapt to change
  • Address resistance and blocks
  • Identify and shift beliefs and assumptions that limit progression and fulfilment
  • Challenge current ‘default’ thinking and patterns and explore alternative options
  • Leadership analysis, feedback and action
  • Review or co-creatively design the architecture of your business culture
  • Experience practical and transformational shifts, strategies and tools for sustainable results

Kelly’s Training

  • Neuro Linguistic Practitioner Coaching Certification 2014
  • Extended DISC Accredited Practitioner 2014
  • Credentialed, Advanced and Master Practitioner of Coaching 2014 / 2015
  • Deep State Re-Patterning Practitioner 2015
  • Consultative Sales Methodology Training 2015
  • Meta Dynamics Practitioner and Consultant 2014 / 2015
  • Disruptive Leadership 2014

Personal & Career Development Coaching

Kelly’s coaching sessions are designed to guide you through current challenges and move efficiently towards designing the mindset and strategies to create the personal and professional life that you desire. We address the primary focus areas while identifying and articulating your unique values, beliefs, strengths, vision and develop action plans for integration.

Kelly is a wife and mother of two young boys. Her first-hand experience in parenting, emotional coaching for children and through the study of Growth Mindset has provided additional support to parents.

“By taking the time to consciously look at and decode language and physiological patterns, we can identify limiting and resourceful beliefs and values. We can then shift and reframe our thinking, leading to breakthroughs very quickly. Now this is the beginning of creating an extraordinary life; to truly live moment to moment communicating with yourself and externally in a way that is best going to serve you and those around you. By creating a solid foundation, we can then go the extra mile that leads to high performance and sustainable success; living and experiencing YOUR definition of success.” Kelly Hoskin.

Kelly’s strength is working with people who are ready to take the next step. Who recognise that something needs to change and who are courageous to take action; both individually and within a business environment. Together with you, Kelly will support, identify gaps, develop strategies, guide and challenge you towards the change you are seeking to reach the desired outcomes that you deserve.