Parent Mentor | Life Coach | Behaviour Profiler (E-DISC) Advanced Practitioner

Maysaa started to question parenting early on in her journey as a mum, while she was living overseas as an ex-pat, working as a primary school teacher. She was determined to find a way to stop shouting, being grumpy and start enjoying her children. Eight years ago, she stumbled upon Life Coaching and it profoundly changed her way of life.

Through hundreds of hours of learning, thousands invested in courses, qualifications, and her personal experiences with parenting 4 children, Maysaa is a firm believer of the answer to parenting – Emotional intelligence.

Research carried out by The Gottman Institute suggests emotional intelligence (EQ) is twice as strong a predictor as IQ of later success.This is the key to success. It is all very well if they can read and write and do math – but what purpose would they have if they could not handle rejection, give themselves self-love or deal with worry?

Maysaa guides parents and teaches them how to raise emotionally intelligent children, based on Professor John Gottman’s theory. She also has first-hand experience with the empowerment that NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) brings.

Maysaa studied as a Master Coach, became NLP accredited, and became an Emotionally Intelligence Parent Mentor, and has incorporated E-DiSC Behaviour Profiling to ensure she is fully equipped to help her clients with a diverse range of needs, situations and goals.

E-Disc is an incredibly powerful tool that can assist in many aspects of your life. It can help you to improve the way you connect and influence others. It helps you expand your awareness into how you need to be versatile with different situations and people.

Maysaa’s parenting journey has become filled with joy and understanding. More so, she is well equipped to teach YOU skills and strategies to make your home more joyful.



Parent Mentoring is about assisting and supporting parents to:

  • Raise confident and emotionally intelligent children
  • Foster trust and open communication between family members
  • Bring out the best in the children – communication, friendships, at school
  • Find balance in the home (wherever possible)
  • Find or create kids’ activities that aid their child’s development
  • Design a combination of strategies and tactics that lead to their children living a broader and more aware life
  • Lead the way with creating and keeping a joyful, uplifting and mutually supportive family environment

Life Coaching

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Regaining a positive mindset
  • Finding direction in life overall
  • Motivation and drive
  • Personal development to be or become your best
  • Defining worthwhile goals and learning how to achieve them
  • Overall personal empowerment to help you overcome life's' challenges.
    Note: it is highly recommended that you undertake a DISC profiling assessment as part of your first session, the Clarity | Strategy Session.   Maysaa has packages available.

E-Disc Profiling

  • E-disc is a 15-minute behaviour profile test completed online
  • Unpack session: up to 2 hours
  • The results will help you with:
  • Expanding your self-awareness
  • Develop a deeper understanding of others’ perspectives and needs
  • Building stronger, trusting, and deeper relationships
  • Learning effective techniques for problem-solving
  • Working out the efficiencies of your energy
  • Building rapport with others (including previously “difficult” people)
  • Networking skills develop
  • Establishing why your relationships are or are not working
  • Selling yourself – ideal for job interviews, salespeople, negotiation.

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