Life & Leadership | Start-Up Business Coach | Mindfulness & Wellness Mentor | Workshop Facilitator

Michael has a rich and versatile background in Therapy, Education, Business as well as Training & Development including 12 years as a therapist and 17 years leading, training and coaching individuals and groups across four continents. He is an associate of the Asian Leadership Institute which drives senior executive programs backed up by neuroscience and more than 30 years of executive leadership coaching at the highest level, and has been involved in the development of global leadership coaching programs.

Are you stuck in a life situation and need help to untangle or ready to create a life you truly desire but not sure how to go about it? Are you looking for a transformation personally or professionally? Successful in some ways yet still feeling empty? Do you want to be DONE with antiquated and burdensome behaviours and patterns created from events many years ago? This is not a trifle question.

Many people wish for incremental improvements in their personal lives or careers but only a few realise that real change comes from shifting their own perspectives and ‘upgrading’ their belief systems and subsequent behaviours.

Michael’s  coaching incorporates an evidenced-based process of unpacking and then retooling/resourcing the way you see the world and how your thought processes will better serve you – ultimately, the thoughts you carry and how you relate to yourself and the world make all the difference to the quality of your life!

Having trained in various modalities and more recently in the science-based Positive Neuroplasticity, Michael has developed his own Life & Leadership Coaching programs and now works out of Melbourne, Byron Bay and online.

Michael service offering: 

Mindful Leadership Coaching (1:1 or group sessions)

Leadership Development tailored to individual needs, workloads and timelines. Michael has proven results with each of these areas of leadership:

  • Preparing for a new leadership role through creative visualisation and empowerment
  • Overhauling your relationships with failure and success
  • Dealing with anxiety and multiple stress factors
  • Overcoming the ‘’Imposter Syndrome’ and other doubts you have about yourself
  • Finding meaning and purpose again  -post COVID19
  • Enhancing relationships, inspiring others with new and resourceful eyes
  • Proactively demonstrating who you are becoming as a leader.

Business Resilience Coaching (a combination of 1:1 and group sessions)

A highly successful, tailored program specifically to help Startup teams and management to prepare for and conquer their unique pressures and challenges. This is a 12-week solution-focused coaching program that covers  individual, team and business strategy, productivity and focus through a mindfulness and wellness approach. A combination of face-to-face (individuals as well as teams), online, workbooks and practice plans ensures that the desired changes are sustainable and significant.

A total of almost 50 hours over 12 weeks work means that the program is applied in-depth but manageable on a busy workload.

  • Review, re-energize and enhance your startup strategies
  • Analyse workloads, productivity and establish solution-focused wellness habits
  • Assess, clarify and streamline your team communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Brainstorm and define your longer-term business management and growth best practices
  • Design and incorporate an effective and holistic roadmap for wellness and resilience

Personal Transformation | Life Coaching (1:1 or groups)

This program was developed to reformat the way you engage with your daily life events and experiences so that you learn how to change your default negative bias – which our evolutionary path has installed for survival over many thousands of years – and to begin working with your inner conversation and develop a happier habit of relating to yourself and others.

  • Understand how to process daily events and thoughts through a new conceptual framework which redefines and upgrade your mindsets and attitudes
  • Increase your EQ and equip you with a toolbox for better relating and interacting in personal and work situations
  • Enhance your daily routines and habits with practices that support rewiring your brain to notice and build positive and character-building traits
  • Design and anchor a happier set of habits through thought, speech and actions.


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