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Natasha combines her naturally optimistic outlook on life with a passion for coaching to help others to navigate through fast-paced, high-pressure, stressful environments.

In 2010, Natasha re-evaluated her own career pathway, which included Law, Media and Investment Banking and chose to retrain. She pursued a career in coaching and people development gaining qualifications and Accreditation as a Life Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation. She went on to specialise as a Professional Medical coach (PMC) to assist those who are considered to be in essential worker industries or facing a medical challenge.

Natasha uses her leadership experience and unique coaching methodology to give support, positive input and the tools to remain self-empowered, calm and focused on regaining good health and well-being and to get their lives back on track. With all the impact that COVID19 is having on medical professionals, teachers, police and other emergency service workers her coaching experience and methodologies are second-to-none.

Her clients are often people who value performance, hard work, family and relationships and well-being but struggle to find the balance and often have unhealthy levels of stress.

Career coaching was a prominent aspect, she delivered workshops and panel events to boost confidence and develop presentation skills.

What you can expect by working with Natasha:

  • Leave behind doubt and the “what ifs” of a stressful life
  • Focus on what you want and how to achieve it
  • Flourish as a person becoming happier, purposeful and empowered
  • Be a proactive influence in your life and the life of loved ones
  • Maintain a resourceful mindset when faced with challenges

Natasha’s key focuses are:

Life, Executive, Career Coaching

Natasha offers a holistic approach to personal and professional coaching for her male and female clients. The features and benefits can include:

  • Defining your personal brand and leadership style
  • Regaining confidence after a gap in employment or an organisational restructure
  • Work/life balance skills
  • Career reviews and development planning
  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • Preparing a value proposition to gain a pay rise and/or promotion
  • Conflict resolution and problem-solving skills
  • Stress management and relief techniques
  • Empowering your team towards achieving goals and/or completing projects on time and within budget.

Coaching for Front-line Manager (medical and education)

This specialisation is a unique coaching model designed to provide emotional support and career/life coaching for people and their families who are dealing with the challenges and trauma of a medical crisis.

Medical coaching will help you on 5 levels: body, emotions, mind, spirit and environment. You will be able to show up and be accountable for your well-being including ceasing negative behaviour, speak with your medical team to be heard and have emotional balance and control over your experience.

It supports the following:

  • Chronically ill people with cancer, diabetes or chronic pain
  • Family members and caretakers of chronically ill people
  • People facing invasive medical procedures like surgery, IVF, catheterisations or dialysis
  • Army Veterans and car accident survivors
  • People experiencing “burn out” at work.

Coaching for return-to-work parents

Benefiting parents who have been on parental leave or an extended break (for whatever reasons). What Natasha offers:

  • Career pathway reviews
  • Skills analysis
  • Regaining your confidence
  • Developing your support network
  • Lifestyle transition management
  • Life balance and stress management.

Natasha’s Professional Training and Development:

Certificate in Medical Coaching 2014 (Medical Coaching Institute)
Diploma in Developing Mastery 2013-2014 (Coaching Development)
Btech Mentoring 2012
Coaching internally and externally at UK Top Tier Global Investment Bank since 2011-2015
Certificate in Coaching Skills 2011 (Coaching Development)
LLB (Bachelor of Laws) 1993 (Auckland University)

ICF accreditation awarded in 2015 – ACC (Associate Certified Coach)

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