Performance Coach | Career Change Specialist | Resilience Coach – for adults and youth

Shahran is a certified Performance & Life Coach with a results-oriented approach that creates shifts in your awareness, simplifying the complicated and enabling the effective mapping of actionable steps.

Shahran’s philosophy is that “Our life’s work must be a true expression of our strengths and highest values. Enjoy the experience of sharing your natural gifts, as it complements the needs of the world.”

Shahran has 15 years experience in Human Resource operations and consulting, and has facilitated change management programs for individuals, teams and organisations – in the start-up phase, with multi-national offices, and with operations of up to 4,000 people.

His practice includes Youth Programs to ensure awareness is brought to natural strengths, to nurture early career aspirations by connecting interest to fields of study, and to equip them with the stress management skills to navigate a challenging stage of development.

Coaching was first introduced to him as a tool to create culture change and level up performance. “The more I saw people grow in strength and confidence, the more I realised that one-day coaching was the only thing I wanted to do – at work and life.”

When he is away from the office, he enjoys family time outdoors and training for the next ultramarathon. Today, he is purely coach focused, choosing to work exclusively in a 1-1 format, to help people explore and live their highest potential.




Here are just some of the benefits of working with Shahran:

  • Gaining a fresh perspective on any issue at hand
  • Greater self-awareness for optimum performance enhancement
  • Defining your life-purpose
  • Creating a professional development pathway plan
  • Embracing and thriving through a career transition
  • Turning challenges into valuable opportunities for growth and progression
  • Reaching your highest potential (personally and professionally)
  • Taking your career or your life to the next level
  • Successful career transitions
  • Mastering stress
  • Greater focus and productivity

Performance Coaching

This is a high-performance experience for people that seek personal excellence in demanding fields. Create optimal thought patterns, remain grounded and developing the ability to zero in on the task at hand.

Life Coaching

To help you find and maintain clarity. Shahran provides you with a holistic approach to level up in your personal life, career transitions, and relationships. To create alignment with identity, integrate your talents and move towards fulfilment.

Resilience Coaching

To help you establish a healthy relationship with stress, and to develop critical skills for self-awareness, adaptability, and recovery from long-term stress. Part of Shahran’s approach includes helping you to appreciate that change is inevitable and necessary. To identify what is within our sphere of control. Prioritise a baseline for personal wellness.

Career Transition Coaching

Shahran utilizes the suite of coaching methodologies outlined above to help guide you through to a successful outcome with a career transition. His long-term experience in HR has helped to be able to deliver this unique and impactful coaching program.

Shahran’s Qualifications and Training

Bachelor of Business, Management & Marketing – Victoria University

Diploma Life Coaching – The Life Coaching College

Cert IV Training & Assessment – Melbourne Polytechnic

Master Practitioner NLP – Pure NLP Richard Bandler

Mental Health First Aider – Mental Health First Aid Australia

Extended DISC Level 2 – HR Profiling Solutions

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