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Tony is a Tony Robbins Strategic Interventionist specialising life, business and leadership coaching. He has received thousands of hours of life coaching from experts in various areas which have given him the edge in coaching. He has received coaching training from Mark Peysha and Maurice Leon and has learnt directly from the masters Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes studied at the Center for Strategic Intervention. He has a degree in Computer Science and for 16 years and was instrumental in providing web and internet architecture that produced business solutions. This background has allowed Tony to work closely with executive stockholders in various industries developing them as leaders.  The outcome for each individual working with Tony is always about being your best in all aspects of your life.

Tony has travelled to over 21 countries and has experienced culturally diverse ways to obtain sustainable solutions to life’s challenges. Four years ago he started learning Spanish to facilitate communication with the locals in South America. He has participated in providing self-development coaching to people in South America and to members of the Spanish-speaking community in Melbourne.

Tony specialises in:

  • Life Coaching
    • Receive the tools, strategies and mindset you need to achieve the life you crave by igniting your passion
    • Helping you meld your skills and passion together for a career pathway you love
    • Finally, obtain a deep sense of fulfilment in whatever you do
    • Untangle any inner conflicts that are preventing you from getting to the next level in life or in your career
  • Career Coaching
    • Finding your passion and getting paid for it
    • Reviewing and refining your value proposition in a new or similar career pathway
    • Overall career development planning and implementation
    • Total career makeovers
  • Business “Rocket Booster” Seminar and Coaching Program

    • Learn 6 steps to significantly boost the productivity and effectiveness of your employees
    • Dramatically reduce stress and anxiety levels in the workplace
    • Find the key to creating a team based on solid contribution
    • Workshopping your goals
    • Creating team and individual goals
    • Plan implementation coaching
  • Leadership and Performance Coaching
    • Strengths-based approach to your development as a leader
    • Influential communication
    • Performance and productivity enhancement
    • Time management and goal setting
    • Developing greater work/life balance
    • Overcoming stress patterns
    • Self-empowerment and self-expression

Anthony Robbins’ quote “Most people earn a living instead of designing a life” has inspired Tony to help people to truly design a life.

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