Emma Cosgrove – Life | Career Coaching

“Emma coached me through a period that I was considering personal and professional changes to live more aligned to my values.  Her calm, inquisitive and empathetic nature made me feel safe to explore answers to her thoughtful questions. We set clear goals that I wouldn’t have arrived at – and definitely not as quickly – […]

Career Coaching – Sandy Ewing

I had just been retrenched and feeling really stressed and lost. Every area of my life was being affected by my career and financial situation. I couldn’t find any solutions or see a way out so I picked up the phone and called Sandy. Sandy helped me take stock of my attributes and passions and […]

Life Coaching – Sandy Ewing

Sandy helped me over the bumps and to get back on track in various aspects of my life by examining my goals, breaking them down in to achievable tasks. A great chance to re-evaluate and move forward.

Life Coaching – Sandy Ewing

I think imagining what will happen if I didn’t achieve my goals helped me a lot,  Also, l learned to be realistic when doing a timetable and be positive and like myself. I enjoyed the sessions I had, and it was nice to have someone to talk with about future goal and other stuff. Now […]

Finding life direction – Sandy Ewing

Seeking guidance for my future, I started this journey looking in the wrong direction. Within a few weeks, I was back on the right track and my future is now exciting! Thanks Sandy!  

Relationship enhancement – Sandy Ewing

My wife and I were struggling to gentle relate to each other.  We’d lost our way a little (a lot!) and needed to find what love we knew was there.  Sandy helped me to re-align my thoughts – quite simple really!  The three key things I/we achieved: Refocused on my personal relationship with my wife […]

Small Business Coaching – Sandy Ewing

Sandy had an excellent approach to understanding my business, and provided alternative viewpoints for strategy, marketing and networking. I was questioning my decision to start my small business, and Sandy convinced me this was indeed the correct way to go. Sandy mentioned the phrase “Be who I need to be to do what I need […]

Relationship Coaching – Sandy Ewing

Flirting?? What is that?? I used to be such a “dork” and so fearful that nobody wanted to talk to me that I rarely went out to socialise. I took the plunge and called Sandy. She booked me in for her flirting and dating program and…wow…I have actually asked 4 girls out for a date! […]