Angela is an extraordinary individual with the ability to connect with multiple types of personalities. Angela is honest, true to herself and true to those she is trying to help. If she tells you she will do something, She does it. I am a non-trusting skeptic and I am very aggressive in how I approach things. When Angela started the coaching sessions with me, I did not believe in her or what she was trying to do. As our sessions progressed, she won my trust and my respect. She took the time to get to know me as a person and a professional. She literally put herself in my shoes. She put on the same uniform as me and injected herself into my world so she could have a complete understanding of what I dealt with on a daily basis. For me, this is what makes her unique. No one has ever done that or offered to. By doing that and learning all of the ups and downs, Angela was able to coach me UP to be a better leader and a better person. Most people that attempt coaching make a half hearted effort and really don’t care about knowing the person they are trying to coach. Her methods are proven effective. I will never forget what she did for me.