Hermann came as a referral from a good friend, whom had been achieving great results and couldn’t stop raving about him.

Before working with Hermann, I was already somewhat of a go-getter; continually striving for more out of life. I had also done a lot of what I considered to be transformational and personal development work. But I kept experiencing some recurring blockages that I couldn’t move past on my own, and it was impacting me professionally, and personally. I reluctantly sought out Hermann, and experienced a lot of resistance within the first session. What else could he teach me that would make a difference?

I debated whether or not to go back, but persisted with a series of 4 initial sessions (after which I could stop, if I truly felt I was gaining no benefit). I committed to going all out in my next sessions – nothing ventured; nothing gained – and I was blown away with the clarity and fulfilment that I was able to achieve from thereon in.

We worked heavily on using meditation and other techniques to transcend negative past experiences and mental blocks. Then, we moved on to actively pursuing goals in different areas of my life. I’m in the performing arts and without fail, I would receive auditions, book a job, confirm a meeting with a network executive, or welcome some opportunity to further my career, after a session with Hermann.

The more work I did, the more opportunities would open up to me. For this reason, I keep a regular booking with Hermann, in order to keep priming the pump. I have techniques (which I’ve learned and can use on my own), but I see Hermann for a supercharge, and to spot the blindspots, that I might be overlooking. I occasionally imagine what life would have been like if I hadn’t met Hermann, but I’m too focused on finding out what else is possible? Hermann – Enormous love, trust, and respect for you. Thank you … for you know what.