• Sandy had an excellent approach to understanding my business, and provided alternative viewpoints for strategy, marketing and networking. I was questioning my decision to start my small business, and Sandy convinced me this was indeed the correct way to go. Sandy mentioned the phrase “Be who I need to be to do what I need to do to get what I want to have is so true and struck a chord with me.

    Mark D Managing Director
  • Tony is a first rate performance coach. Over the course of five months, he helped me to pass a gruelling seven hour post-graduate exam which I had to sit as part of my training to become a medical specialist. He used a variety of techniques that helped me gain laser focus, crush any doubts and produce outstanding results. The exam I had to sit is one of the hardest in Medicine, and historically, close to 60% of all candidates fail. With the clear, tailored peak performance coaching sessions I received from Tony, I was able to maintain my punishing 60 hour a week work schedule as a doctor in a busy major metropolitan trauma hospital, whilst simultaneously studying hard on my days and evenings off. With Tony's help, I passed the exam with flying colours on my first attempt. I highly recommend him to anyone who demands the very best from themselves.

    Dr. B. Amin MBBS(Hons)
  • Overall Tony has relieved a massive amount of anxiety in my life. There is no need to keep battling with yourself and your own emotions. After just a month people around me have been commenting on how different I seem for the better. The planets have aligned and I’m staring down the barrel of a promotion I know I’ll nail. I’m much more at peace with myself already and I have a much clearer picture of the person I want to be and the person I am. Thanks Tony!

    Vaughn B Accountant (East Melbourne)
  • My wife and I were struggling to gentle relate to each other.  We'd lost our way a little (a lot!) and needed to find what love we knew was there.  Sandy helped me to re-align my thoughts - quite simple really!  The three key things I/we achieved:
    1. Refocused on my personal relationship with my wife
    2. Changed the 'conversation' between us
    3. Gained understanding of the issues affecting us.

    Dean M (Mulgrave)
  • I have a small business which was taking up too much of my time, and I felt that it was stopping me from doing the things that I really wanted to do. Axel’s Time Management coaching taught me how to achieve this business plan by means of effective delegation and training. As a result I have now been able to live interstate to pursue my personal goals for nearly four years while still maintaining my small business and receiving a regular income from it. I have truly been helped by Axel's coaching. He will inspire you to be able to achieve many goals that at one time you may have only dreamed about!

    Andrew H Public Speaker & Business Owner (Victoria)
  • Seeking guidance for my future, I started this journey looking in the wrong direction. Within a few weeks, I was back on the right track and my future is now exciting! Thanks Sandy!

    Marcia V (Essendon)
  • I took on the challenge of going on this journey for three reasons: to have increased energy, to diminish aches and pains and to lower stress levels. And, of course, for overall better health. Thanks to the on-going assistance and support received from Tony, all my expectations were realized. His knowledge, professionalism and continued commitment to get results, got me through. I looked forward to our coaching sessions because I knew that I would learn something exiting and new that would make me understand how my body works and how the program was changing things for me for the better. Learning these things gave me the impetus I needed to keep going. I could not have done this without him and I am truly grateful for his patience and caring support.

    Alex H Director at Damaru Cleaning (Melbourne)
  • I think imagining what will happen if I didn't achieve my goals helped me a lot  Also, l learned to be realistic when doing a timetable and be positive and like myself. I enjoyed the sessions I had, and it was nice to have someone to talk with about future goal and other stuff. Now after 4.5 years in Australia, I feel that I become a new person, and I can't wait to go back to my country, find a job and try my new personality! Thanks Sandy!

    Sebastian A (International Student)
  • What I liked most about the workshop was the 'full on" approach with no messing around. I learnt how to systematically break down my dreams in to daily goals and about the power of visualization. Overall: 9/10. Thanks LCM. You were all inspiring coaches.

    Kim H (Mentone)
  • What I liked most about the workshop was the buzz and team spirit behind the presentation. They challenged me to adjust the way I think about goal setting. I learnt how to be more focused and I am better equipped to think through my future. Thanks to the team at LCM!

    John W (Brunswick)
  • HEALTH COACHING - What a learning experience this program was! Not only did I learn about the importance of being alkaline, but how to achieve that. Coach Tony taught me how to improve the lymphatic system, how to combine foods properly and maximise their nutritional value, ways to detoxify and oxygenate the body, and the list goes on and on. I look at food now in an entirely different way and know exactly what to avoid. Had I known all this valuable information much earlier, I would have spared myself years of suffering from allergies and bowel problems. But it is certainly not too late, for I have seen, even in a short time, how my body has responded to these holistic methods and my health is so much better for it. Tony took me by the hand, so to speak, and patiently walked me through the entire program. He has a wealth of knowledge that builds a strong foundation which empowers, encouraging positive change. I am determined to remain an alkalarian!

    Shaun H. Director at Damaru Cleaning, (Melbourne)
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Coach Tony in his efforts in assisting me to better achieve my goals. With sessions focusing on channelling energy to what is truly important and providing good strategic thought towards daily tasks it has given me confidence and a better understanding to move in the direction I want to be. I would recommend Tony for coaching if your serious in getting a result. It has helped me to get me out of my comfort zone but much closer to where I want to be.

    Hugh Trieu (Real Estate Agent)
  • In my last few coaching sessions, Tony has shown me the importance acting with my heart rather than my head when it comes to friendships and relationships. I’ve learned that If you look at things from a different perspective rather than your own selfish mind, new doors open up.

    Adam (Chartered Accountants + Business Advisors)
  • In a world where time is of the essence and change is the norm, I have learned techniques through Rik that have assisted me in making immediate changes in the most effective ways. I was always of the belief that you couldn’t change and that I needed to accept that I was who I was. Thanks to Rik I have excelled in my personal and career life.

    John Abbott (Managing Director – Platform Interactive, Perth Australia)
  • Nesan is the most inspirational person I have ever met. He understands what his clients need and delivers in the most engaging way that gets results on a long term basis. Nesan often thinks outside the status quo and brings new, exciting ways to inspire outcomes and is truly dedicated to success. An absolute pleasure to work with and to learn from.

    Rachael H. (working with Nesan in the finance sector)
  • Sandy helped me over the bumps and to get back on track in various aspects of my life by examining my goals, breaking them down in to achievable tasks. A great chance to re-evaluate and move forward.

    Sandra (Business Owner, East Brighton)
  • I was made redundant in November. But seeing as I really didn't enjoy my job as an insurance sales man, at first, I was relieved. Then, as the weeks went by I became so stressed and almost depressed as I kept getting doors slammed in my face. Enough was enough and in January I booked myself in for an Initial Consultation with Sandy. I told her everything including my passion for photography and marketing. I've now made the transition in to my own freelance photography business and I am back at uni studying it (photography) too. I am already getting small photography contracts and my "real" business is slowly shaping up. I know I am going to make it. It was the best investment in myself that I have ever made.

    Laurie P. (Malvern East)
  • I had just been retrenched and feeling realing stressed and lost. Every area of my life was being affected by my career and financial situation. I couldnt find any solutions or see a way out so I picked up the phone and called Sandy. Sandy helped me take stock of my attributes and passions and I realised I had been on the wrong career path at any rate. We rewrote my resume and she re-injected me with loads of motivation and a sense of purpose. I am now working in the industry I love, my job is so much more exciting and I was employee of the month last month! My life is completely back on track and very happy. So is my wife and family.

    Trevor J. (Reservior)
  • From the first time we worked with Gary, he made us feel so comfortable. His genuine and fun approach as well as ability to connect with our situation whilst giving us great insight was simply amazing. He has helped us turn what first seemed to be a hopeless situation into a fun and exciting life journey. We are forever grateful.

    Heather (Caulfield Nth)
  • Sandy gave me a level of self-awareness that took me to another level with my personal goals. I wanted it all but continually hit brick walls. In the past I had been too focused on my business and the success of it all. Now I still have the successful business but I also have a balanced, happier and more fulfilling life. I didn’t know I had so much time on my hands!

    Peter J. (Business Owner, Carlton)
  • Rik is a burst of positive energy and enthusiasm. He can kick start your life after it has stalled at the negative red lights that are placed along the path. So listen to what he has to say, make the most of opportunities and enjoy the ride.

    Frank Costanzo (Frank Costanzo Lawyers)
  • Flirting?? What is that?? I used to be such a "dork" and so fearful that nobody wanted to talk to me that I rarely went out to socialise. I took the plunge and called Sandy. She booked me in for her flirting and dating program and...wow...I have actually asked 4 girls out for a date! I don't even stress about whether we are going to be a "couple" or anything yet. I am just happy to learn more about myself at this stage. Like Sandy said, "The people you surround yourself with, tell you who you are." which is a quote from a book she gave me too. I want to be sure I know who I really am before I marry someone. Thanks Sandy

    Richard P. (Altona North)
  • Rik, you are positively dangerous! You helped me to change my thinking and unexpected, wonderful things have happened. The mind boggles at what will happen when I get further into my life.

    Anna K Herald Sun Features Writer - Melbourne, Australia)
  • Rik At first you expanded my paradigm of what is possible. Then you shifted my thinking and helped me to double my income!

    Vlad Platil (Sales Executive – Melbourne, Australia)
  • Coach Tony has greatly enhanced my life, from first taking on the coaching sessions with Tony I had been quite hesitant. Looking back now it has been the greatest investment I have ever made, it has improved my quality of living and overall standard of life. I am closer with my family & friends, more productive at work and feel I can tackle any obstacle. One of my favourite quotes Tony has taught me is "You feel what you focus on", in the beginning I did not fully understand this quote, but as time has passed and the more Tony has taught me, I have come to fully embody this quote.

    Joey Grima (Systems Engineer)
  • After fighting depression for nearly a year, and at times not even having the desire to get out of bed, Rik brought clarity to my goals and dreams. I have reconnected with my spirit and I am experiencing a new enthusiasm and excitement for life!

    S. Watt (Malvern, Australia)
  • Rik, thanks so much for sharing your insights with me, my business is expanding; I now practice your teachings at every conscious moment.

    Steve W (Restaurateur, The Blue Olive – Apollo Bay, Australia)
  • I have done many 'brainstorms' in my work environment, but not for myself. Focusing my inspiration and creativity all on my own 'Ultimate Lifestyle' was indeed a very liberating and eye-opening exercise. As I put on paper my ultimate dreams in the different areas of my life (i.e. relationships, career), and specific details on what these dreams entailed, I could start to see a clearer picture of what needs to happen in order to fulfill these dreams. I like having something to aim for in life and this exercise has helped me to articulate the specific goals in the back of my mind waiting to be pursued.

    Luke Thompson (Creative Designer)
  • Sue, you gave me the shot in the arm that I needed. I moved from a job I loathed and onto the stage to realise my dream.

    Michelle J (Entertainer - Sydney, Australia)
  • Sue & I have been working together for a few months. I have found the relationship to be indispensable and vital towards achieving my goals and fulfilling my dreams. I have found her approach authentic, compassionate, inspirational and intuitive. She enriched my life enormously and played a major role in my growth and development.

    Francesca McGuire (Sunshine Coast)
  • During the 6 months I have know Sue, she has enabled me to gain numerous skills with have built my career. Specifically, my self-confidence has taken a gigantic leap forward. Her skills in making me feel that I can achieve anything in life enabled me to think of the future as a special and non-threatening place to be. As a direct result of being coached by Sue, I know have a fantastic new role. I also view elements of my life in a more holistic way. Thank you for putting me back on track Sue!

    Melinda Carlisle (Melbourne)
  • Nathalie will assist you in discovering your potential. Nathalie was instrumental in clearing the fog from the past and enabling me to re-focus on the future, both in my personal and business life. Nathalie Gevinti is a very accomplished facilitator, extremely intuitive and will explore, guide,lead and nurture you, to any destination. She will assist you in discovering your potential.  

    Susan High (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Sessions with Hermann are a truly unique and necessary experience in growing and expanding the self. Hermann provides a safe and comfortable space to work within, with no judgement or expectation. Working in the creative industry as an actor, writer and producer previously diagnosed with heightened anxiety and depression, working with Hermann has allowed me to live a free and light filled life, continuously aware of endless possibilities and achieving my truest desires. Having seen professionals in the past and believing “I was good”, it was not until letting go with Hermann that I am blessed to know there is always another level and freeing experience to all that is and truly being. Hermann through his endless experience and knowing has allowed me to be my true self with the ability to look beyond “anxiety”, “depression” and “fear” and truly have the life that is.  To explain the power and light Hermann allows you to see in the world would do it no justice, it is an experience you deserve and I could not recommend more.

    Deanna O
  • I have been seeing Hermann on occasion for the past 4 years. Hermann has helped me overcome anxieties, break harmful habits and has helped me set life goals. I always leave his sessions with a sense of calm, openness and positivity. Hermann has always been welcoming and understanding. His meditation sittings are easy to follow and I always leave with skills and strategies that I can take home to my everyday life. I feel as if I have more clarity and a far greater insight into life and how to cope with the challenges that occur. If I ever find myself taking a wrong turn, I find that Hermann is always there to help me align myself back to the right path, my true path.

    Tim M.
  • I am immensely grateful for Hermann; a friend, a mentor and a brilliant coach who can stick around in tough times. When I first asked myself the question which way I was going, I was checking on the outside of what I wanted, not wanted and used my emotional state as the 'right way' or the 'wrong way'. I easily got 'stuck in my head' and thanks to Herman could shine light on my beliefs and feel the presence in my body that knows. I have a very stubborn mind and my reality was based on it - so there were times where I didn't know how to drive the vehicle 'called me' and move forward as the voices in my head grew louder. Herman helped me to look inside and rather than intellectualise to let it go. He helped me to relax myself and be present with what is and notice my non-supportive patterns and my fears attached to beliefs which caused me to be in the state. Herman is not just a life coach but a friend who has a very compassionate heart and approach to his work and knows how to deal with the intensity of life when it gets tough. I have enjoyed the time spent in person with Herman, the presence, the calming nature and of course a good cup of tea. Now living abroad in the UK using Skype there is no difference on the result that are produced. Thank you Herman for all your support.

    Nadine H. UK
  • I was referred to Hermann by a friend quiet a few years ago, who had been referred by a friend and I in turn referred to many friends. All who have benefitted from their talks with Hermann. I originally went to Hermann for anxiety, before I was seeing Hermann on the scale of 10 the highest intensity of a specific anxious emotional feeling I experienced an 8 intensity, and it was reduced to 0.5 in the first session . i have continued to see him for years since, there is always something to gain. I cant say enough how much it has helped and continued to help maintain a good life.

    Danny Y.
  • Hermann came as a referral from a good friend, whom had been achieving great results and couldn’t stop raving about him. Before working with Hermann, I was already somewhat of a go-getter; continually striving for more out of life. I had also done a lot of what I considered to be transformational and personal development work. But I kept experiencing some recurring blockages that I couldn’t move past on my own, and it was impacting me professionally, and personally. I reluctantly sought out Hermann, and experienced a lot of resistance within the first session. What else could he teach me that would make a difference? I debated whether or not to go back, but persisted with a series of 4 initial sessions (after which I could stop, if I truly felt I was gaining no benefit). I committed to going all out in my next sessions - nothing ventured; nothing gained - and I was blown away with the clarity and fulfillment that I was able to achieve from thereon in. We worked heavily on using meditation and other techniques to transcend negative past experiences and mental blocks. Then, we moved on to actively pursuing goals in different areas of my life. I’m in the performing arts and without fail, I would receive auditions, book a job, confirm a meeting with a network executive, or welcome some opportunity to further my career, after a session with Hermann. The more work I did, the more opportunities would open up to me. For this reason, I keep a regular booking with Hermann, in order to keep priming the pump. I have techniques (which I’ve learned and can use on my own), but I see Hermann for a supercharge, and to spot the blindspots, that I might be overlooking. I occasionally imagine what life would have been like if I hadn’t met Hermann, but I’m too focused on finding out what else is possible? Hermann - Enormous love, trust, and respect for you. Thank you…for you know what.

    Joanne N.
  • There is something profoundly calming about sitting and working with Hermann, the peace and stillness my mind has found during our sessions, I didn't previously realise was possible. In working with him I have been able to develop skills that help me get through the ebbs and flows of life and view the world in a more accepting and open manner. Hermann is wonderfully wise and insightful, I feel so lucky to have come across him and will be forever grateful to him for the impact our sessions have had in my life.

    Nicky M