The ‘new normal’ is going to be quite different to what it used to be.

Spending time at home has given you time to think. Are you thinking about undertaking further study, or setting up a new business? Now is a good time to start your plan and make the most of new opportunities.

The Government has recently announced new funding for on-line training to help people re-skill or advance their careers, as a result of disruptions from COVID-19. These discounted six-month courses are expected to start in May, and will be offered by TAFEs, Universities and private providers in priority areas. Loan schemes will also apply.

Our experienced coaches are ready to help you to take the first steps towards making a change, identify your career goals, your skills, strengths and interest and select the most suitable training course.  Your coach is also there to provide guidance and encouragement so that you gain confidence in your decision-making.

You can go to our Testimonials page to learn more about the results you can gain or can pick up the phone and call 1300137706 to speak to an Holistic Career and Life Coach today.

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