1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching is a powerful tool not only for those times when you are feeling ‘stuck’, it is also highly beneficial when things are going well but you feel restless, dissatisfied or curious about what else is possible for you?  You may want to start something completely new, or get to the next level and just not sure HOW to go about it.

A growing number of people have turned to life coaching to keep themselves at the top of their game and stay consistently empowered and suitably challenged.

Our coaches have a variety of specializations:  Career planning, career transition, performance enhancement, leadership development, relationship enhancement, dating and/or social confidence, wellness and more.  Go to Our Services for more details.

One of our trained and experienced coaches will help you to expand your current thinking, overcome challenges, and help you to map out the best way forward – for you. and with any given topic or area of your life. They are trained professionals who know exactly what questions to ask you, when to ask them, and how to trigger awareness and peak your curiosity. They have the tools to help you find what we call ‘your choice points’. You want to be able to choose your thoughts that create the solutions, or new ways of being. Your coach will be there for you on a regular basis to listen, provide feedback and tools as they guide you forward.

Imagine being able to maximize your opportunities to make every day a learning experience, rather than stressing out because you are not doing what you need to be doing. Our coaches empower you and equip you. You will have a trained professional 'in your corner' ensuring your consistent progression. You can begin your own pathway of growth, achievement and happiness by talking to one of our experienced coaches – Phone 1300 137706.