Are you stuck in a rut?

When you become “stuck,” it’s usually an inner conflict that freezes your ability to make wise decisions. Making decisions can become almost impossible when the stress levels escalate within you because of this inner conflict. This does not have to be a recurring pattern.

1:1 coaching is a powerful tool not only for those times when you are feeling ‘stuck’ or seem to be in a rut. Life coaching is also highly beneficial when things are going well. Have you ever felt like that there must be something more to life, even when everything seems to be going well enough but you know you are capable of more? You are
motivated but you want to get to the next level and just not sure HOW to go about it. A growing number of people have turned to life coaching to keep themselves at the top of their game and stay consistently empowered and challenged.

One of our trained and experienced life coaches will help you to expand your thinking and capability on any given topic or area of your life. They are trained professionals who know exactly what questions to ask you, when to ask it, and how to provoke your awareness and/or peak your curiosity. They will always help you find ways to choose your thoughts that create the solutions, or new ways of being that suit you best. Your coach will be there for you on a regular basis to listen, provide feedback and tools, and to guide you until you yourself know that you are on track to achieve your greatest goals and aspirations, in your own unique way.


review where you are now and where you want to be. We need to help you to review the outcomes you have been producing and feedback you have been getting from others (subtly, directly, or as subliminal messages)


we use the insights gained from the review to help you reflect on what is working well for you and what is not. This is about your patterns and beliefs and to ascertain where there is a values conflict holding you back.


by this time your coach has tapped into what matters to you and what will drive you forward. This step includes valuable brainstorming, sorting, eliminating, prioritising, goal setting and planning. We also prepare tailored solutions for any obstacles (likely to be related to an old pattern or limiting belief) that arise.


the implementation of the plan, and a re-occurring cycle of all of the above steps. Then, if you’re ready, at about the 5th-7th session we can raise the bar!

We believe a key ingredient of happiness is GROWTH. Imagine being able to maximize your opportunities to make every day a learning experience AND a day to enjoy, rather than stressing out and not doing what you need to do. Not doing what you need to do is the cause of most anxiety. Coaching focuses on current and future possibilities, not past mistakes. Everyone experiences personal growth as a result of our unique and well-regarded approach. You can view our client testimonials. Coaching is about unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their opportunities, performance, skills, attitude and relationships so that they can move forward and get back on track. A life coach assists and empowers a person or a team to achieve their desired outcomes in a more effective and timely manner than they could do so on their own. It often unlocks more potential in an individual than that person ever thought possible for themselves.

You can begin your own pathway of growth, achievement and happiness by talking to one of our experienced coaches – Phone 1300 137706. Or click here to contact a coach and we will call you back shortly.