It was back in 2000 when our Founder, Sandy Ewing discovered Life Coaching for herself.  Without Google or the internet, it was purely by chance. A chance of a lifetime as it turned out. Sandy was going through a major, highly stressful  transition in her life –divorce.  With two children she knew she had to make the transition a successful, smooth, and calm way. But she didn’t know how.  She knew she didn’t want counselling. Rather she wanted and need to learn how to go about it in a practical and well-considered way.

One day, in a state of despair after trying to figure out what needed to be done first, she grabbed a notebook and took off to a café by herself to start creating a plan.  She opened the notebook and barely added more than a few words to a page. She put the pen down, ordered her second coffee….and opened the Leader Newspaper.  There, on the third page an ad jumped out at her like it was shouting at her.  It was if someone had read her mind.

The ad headline was this……”Do you have a lot of unanswered questions?”.  She stared at that question for some time.  The tag line said, “Well, you need a Life Coach!”

Feeling highly charged and hopeful Sandy raced home and called the number in the ad.  She was soon immersed in the whole Life Coaching experience.  After 4 months she not only had a complete life plan, with all the steps she needed to take,  she understood herself better, she felt what it was like to live a values-based life and how to feel excited and happy about her future and the future of her family. Her coach, Jan recognised qualities in Sandy that led her offering her entry to the Life Coaching Certification training program.

Sandy’s own transformation was testament to what Life Coaching can do and she couldn’t think of anyone that it couldn’t help  at any stage in their lives.

The rest is history.

In 2001, while continuing on her journey of professional development she registered Life Coaching Melbourne and began to set it up in a way that help the people of Melbourne to gain access to Life Coaching. Sandy soon became known as a leader in the coaching industry, joined the Executive Committee of the International Coach Federation and began attracting the best and equally passionate coaches in Melbourne.  Life Coaching Melbourne is now the leading and ever-growing and successful coaching organisation in Melbourne. We will so be expanding to other cities around Australia.

Over the past 19 years Sandy and her team have helped thousands of individuals, teams, and businesses to achieve their personal, professional, and business goals, regaining momentum, motivation, and a sense of purpose through the power of coaching.

Life Coaching Melbourne’s coaches are carefully screened, their qualifications are verified, and their experience is proven through reference checks and client interviews.  Our team includes life (lifestyle), career, wellness, leadership, and executive coaches.

We understand you want and need peace of mind when you are working closely with a professional coach. We respect and value the time and money you will invest and do our best to ensure that you connect with the right coach or coaching team in the first place. As part of our quality of service, we ensure a potential client is ready and suitability for coaching and our assessment and matching process is highly effective and has been developed by drawing upon our 20  years of coaching service delivery.

In some instances, such as severe depression, unresolved deep-seeded issues, and addictions there may be a need for another form of professional service.  For this purpose, we have members of the team with psychotherapy, counselling, positive psychology, youth worker and social worker backgrounds. If we don’t have the right person for you, we will provide you with other recommendations, where we can.

Sandy will oversee your entire coaching experience adding depth to our quality assurance. At the conclusion of your coaching program, we gather your valuable, honest feedback about your experience. Of course, we love hearing all your success stories and our Testimonials page has many examples of what clients have achieved.

The difference between coaching and counselling is that coaching is more of a solution focused, strengths-based,  practical and structured method for moving forward. It is ideal for those people stuck in a rut, lacking confidence or clarity, or are demotivated. Counselling is often more focused on identifying the root cause of issues that hold people back, help them to understand the issues and work through ways for them letting go so that they can look ahead from a more positive perspective. It depends on of the severity of the issues and not everyone needs to get to the root cause of an issue to learn how to move forward.

Call Sandy today on 1300137706 to start the ball rolling on finding the right solution for your particular needs and goals.

Large organisation? Going through an organisational change, restructure, re-branding, or experience rapid growth? Life Coaching Melbourne partners with People and Culture Managers to tailor 1:1coaching packages for your senior executives and team or as an ongoing supportive wellness focused program, utilizing her team of 20+ coaches.

Services can include:

Career and executive coaching services – incorporating  holistic 1:1 career development coaching, leadership development and life/wellness coaching for your executives incorporating career coaching, personality profiling, job search strategies, job application advice, interview preparation , job transition support and life coaching to help with dealing with change, managing stress, anxiety, and uncertainty.

Motivational and Wellness programs – LCM Team of coaches love to provide a tailored program to help your team to remain engaged, productive, stress-free, committed, and enthusiastic about their contribution to your organisation. We know your teams want to feel valued and supported, especial during change.

In 2020 with the pandemic and all its “mayhem” we were able to kick into action and help many companies to keep it together, while working separately.

Business Coaching and Team Development Programs – Sandy has consulted with 100s of business owners and managers throughout Melbourne in both the private, government and not-for-profit sectors. The topics are endless. Let us talk about it! Call Sandy on 1300137706.