Feeling challenged as a leader? Losing sight of your identity as a leader? Maybe you are suffering with ‘imposter syndrome’?

We can help you to BE who you want to be, so you can DO what you want and need to be doing, and thus, enabling you and your teams to HAVE the level of achievement you know you are capable of. It takes persistence, commitment and passion. It is also crucial that you lead by example, and with confidence.  You know all this…right? But does this seem out of your grasp at the moment?

Well, many leaders know what they need to do but cannot stay in that ‘zone’ all the time. Emotions or stress or a sense of overload will eventually cause ‘burn out’ if it is not address in the early stages.

We have a selected number leadership coaches and mentors from all around Australia on our extensive database. They have extensively experience and have worked with the most senior leaders whom seemed to have ‘lost their mojo’ or lost their identity. As a result they are also losing sight of where they are heading with their careers. We understand how challenging this is.

Our Leadership Coaches and Mentors will tailor a 1:1 program that can include:

  • Reviewing your career goals
  • Assessing your leadership challenges
  • Articulating what competencies, passions, values, skills, personality dimensions, and other attributes you possess or want to develop (via our unique skills gap analysis)
  • Establishing how your model and style of leadership impacts others
  • Provide understanding of key Emotional Intelligence attributes – awareness of self and others
  • Guiding you through a Personal Brand 360 tool with a feedback session (online and managed by you)
  • Coaching on how to better develop and nurture your professional networks

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