Life Coaching Melbourne (LCM) has an impressive and growing group of carefully screened, qualified and experienced life (lifestyle), career, wellness, leadership, business coaches and consultants. We understand you want and need peace of mind when you are working closely with a professional coach. We respect and value the time and money you will invest, and do our best to ensure that you connect with the right coach in the first place. Principal, Sandy Ewing will also be available during your entire coaching program for further quality assurance for you. At the end of your coaching program, we always gather your valuable, honest feedback about your experience. Of course, we love hearing all your success stories and our Testimonials page has many examples of what clients have achieved.

As part of our quality service we ensure a potential client is ready and suitability for coaching.  In some instances, such as severe depression, unresolved deep-seeded issues and addictions there may be a need for another form of professional service.  For this purpose, we have members of the team with psychotherapy, counselling, youth worker and social worker backgrounds.

The difference between coaching and counselling is that coaching is more of a solution focused, strengths-based,  practical and structured method for moving forward. It is ideal for those people stuck in a rut, lacking confidence or clarity, or are demotivated. Counselling is often more focused on identifying the root cause of issues that hold people back and giving them tools for letting go so that they can look ahead from a more positive perspective. It depends on of the severity of the issues and not everyone needs to get to the root cause of an issue to learn how to move forward.  So, leave it up tSandy Ewing to find the right solution for your particular needs and goals.
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Here are some of our featured coaches who can help you gain the results you are looking for.


Sandy Ewing

Sandy Ewing Headshot

Life Direction­ | Holistic Career | Leadership | Personal Development Coach, and Founder

Sandy is a sought after, qualified, experienced, and passionate Coach delivering tailored coaching programs for clients from all over the world. Specialising in all aspects of life coaching, including personal development, holistic career development, life transitions, executive/business leadership coaching and relationship enhancement coaching. Sandy’s unique coaching approach and her passion to deliver exceptional results have helped hundreds of people gain breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives. Sandy’s personal philosophy is that everything comes back to having a healthy, positive attitude, being grounded, how well we connect with others, what choices we make and how well we learn along the way. Sandy has valuable expertise and gained immeasurable insight about personal development by firstly focusing on her own personal evolution and learning about all aspects of human behaviour from global leaders and trainers.

For a period of time,  Sandy was a single mother of two, newly divorced and struggling to make a new life for her family and a new career/business pathway for herself.  She was getting nowhere fast!  It was a highly stressful time, right when she needed to step up and be her best, and quickly!!

She realised her values had changed and she needed to find time to rediscover herself – somehow.  She had so many unanswered questions and didn’t know what to do or how to go about it.  She knew she didn’t need counselling. She was eager to brainstorm ideas, find solutions and gain the tools and strategies to grow and move forward. After discovering the amazing effects of life coaching for herself, she soon realised what her own vision looked like > to become a professional coach to others who have found themselves stuck in a rut in their personal or professional lives. Sandy has firsthand experience in mastering work/life balance. Running the household, being a single parent (of two amazing daughters) and studying course after course was all apart of the challenge and yet she thrived. Staying focused on being a good role model for her kids,  maintaining a healthy attitude and sense of wellbeing, and having an inspiring vision firmly in her sights was the key. She has very proudly built this coaching company, Life Coaching Melbourne from scratch. Her compassion, client-empowerment focused approach to her coaching and maintaining a willingness to continually learn, grow and contribute, has kept her being her best so that she can best help you to be your best too.

If you are only ‘managing’ life, tired of the ‘same old’ as a business owner, an executive, a return-to-work parent in need of external guidance to make changes, or if you are curious about what else is possible for you in your personal and professional life Sandy can help you find the best pathway forward for you.  She will help you to take the steps necessary to put the right people and opportunities on your ‘radar’ and go after your new goals with passion and renewed motivation and purpose.

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Michael Bartura

Transformational Leadership Coach | Start-Up & Conscious Business Coach | Mindfulness and Wellness Mentor | Team/Group Facilitator | Positive Neuroplasticity Teacher

Are you stuck in a life situation and need help to untangle or ready to create a life you truly desire but not sure how to go about it? Are you looking for a transformation? Successful in some ways yet still feeling empty? Do you want to be DONE with antiquated and burdensome behaviours and patterns created from events many years ago? This is not a trifle question.

Many people wish for incremental improvements in their careers and work but only some realise that real change comes from shifting their own perspectives and ‘upgrading’ their behaviours.

These insights generated through an evidenced-based process of unpacking and then retooling/resourcing the way you see the world and how your thought processes will better serve you – ultimately, the thoughts you carry and how you relate to yourself and the world make all the difference to the quality of your life!

Micheal has a rich and versatile background in Therapy, Education, Business as well as Training & Development including 12 years as a therapist and 17 years leading, training and coaching individuals and groups across four continents. He is an associate of the Asian leadership Institute which drives senior executive programs backed up by neuroscience and more than 30 years of executive leadership coaching at the highest level, and has been involved in the development of leadership coaching programs such as the East-West Learning Centre and TeamUp.

Having trained in various modalities and more specifically Positive Neuroplasticity, he also developed his own Life & Leadership Coaching programs based on his previous experience and now works out of Melbourne, Byron Bay and online.

Michael  offers:
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Shahran Masood

Performance Coach | Stress Mastery | Career Transition Specialist

Shahran is a certified Performance & Life coach. Clients recommend his results-oriented approach in creating shifts in awareness, simplifying the complicated, and mapping actionable steps to help people create the reality they truly seek.

Shahran’s philosophy is that “Our life’s work must be a true expression of our strengths and highest values. Enjoy the experience of sharing your natural gifts, as it complements the needs of the world.”

He has 15 years experience in Human Resource operations and consulting, and has facilitated change management programs for individuals, teams and organisations – in the start-up phase, with multi-national offices, and with operations of up to 4,000 people.

Coaching was first introduced to him as a tool to create culture change and level up performance. “The more I saw people grow in strength and confidence, the more I realised that one-day coaching was the only thing I wanted to do – at work and life.”

When he is away from the office, he enjoys family time outdoors and training for the next ultramarathon. Today, he is purely coach focused, choosing to work exclusively in a 1-1 format, to help people explore and live their highest potential.

Here are just some of the benefits of working with Shahran:

  • Gaining a fresh perspective on any issue at hand
  • Greater self-awareness for optimum performance enhancement
  • Defining your life-purpose
  • Creating a professional development pathway plan
  • Embracing and thriving through a career transition
  • Turning challenges into valuable opportunities for growth and progression
  • Reaching your highest potential (personally and professionally)
  • Taking your career or your life to the next level
  • Successful career transitions
  • Mastering stress
  • Greater focus and productivity

Performance Coaching
This is a high-performance experience for people that seek personal excellence in demanding fields. Create optimal thought patterns, remain grounded and developing the ability to zero in on the task at hand.

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Narelle Bertalli

Personal and Professional Development Coach | NLP Practitioner

Narelle embarked on a journey of self-discovery and leadership development early in life. After facing significant challenges growing up Narelle knew it was up to her to “sink or swim”.  She knew she was capable of much, much more and that nothing would stop her achieving whatever she put her mind to. By the age of 25 she found out what it felt like to be self-actualised – the top of the pyramid in terms of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in Motivational Psychology.  She employed her own Life Coach and Mentor who had previously studied at Tad James & Co and gained first-hand experience of the empowerment that NLP brings.  She soon began her own professional learning pathway of the study of Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Parts Integration.

She leads by example and is highly passionate about helping and guiding others through their own transformations so as to live a life they only dreamed of.

In recent years, studied intense personal and professional development courses and Narelle excelled in every aspect of her professional life, receiving awards in sales for reaching number 1 in her many fields. She also continually trains hard physically and competes and plays competitive netball also captained her many teams. Narelle represented her state in regional cross country and has always maintained a physical form competing in races throughout Melbourne and more recently completing a marathon. What’s important to Narelle is to always attain a balanced and truly inspiring life and so can you.

She now has the incredible life experience AND formal training to guide, teach and coach you towards your own greatness.
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Chris Wood

Career Coach | Counsellor

Chris has focused her education and training to provide a unique, holistic approach to career coaching.  As a qualified and Accredited Career Coach with a Master of Counselling, Chris can guide you through a difficult transition, a tough decision or a challenging time within your workplace or with your studies.  She has extensive experience working with students from year 12 and adults up to mature-age. Many of her clients are return-to-work parents, mid-life career changers and people experiencing “burnout”.  Her counselling background can help you to work through and overcome self-doubt or a lack of confidence.  She will ensure you are in the best state-of-mind to make a wise decision and follow through with it successfully and confidently.

Chris has described her own purpose; to help people to unlock their potential, see their way through difficult times, recognise the range of opportunities open to them, and to increase their hope and confidence to take the necessary steps to make positive changes in their lives.

We can all find ourselves lacking motivation or losing sight of our bigger-picture goals because we are spending too much time “treading water” on the small, daily and often unimportant tasks.  Sometimes we start out with grand intentions to become an architect, doctor, lawyer, engineer, IT architect….a leader, and the list goes on.  Then we find that the placement opportunities in our chosen field are almost non-existent and self-doubt or worry kicks in.  Her background and training as a Counsellor enable her to understand the individual needs of every client she works with.  She can help her clients to deal with stress, negativity thinking or self-doubt effectively so that they can get back on track, or on with their jobs and/or their studies and remaining resilient when faced with any new challenges.

Chris’s 1:1 Coaching Programs;

  • Student Coaching (VCE, Uni Graduates)
  • Mature-age Student Coaching (including pathway planning)
  • Mid-life Career Change Coaching
  • Holistic Career Coaching (all ages)
  • Return-to-work mum’s coaching
  • “Burnout” Recovery Coaching
  • Holistic Life and Career coaching
  • Parents of teenagers coaching
  • Personal development coaching

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Sanya Minocha

Life Coach | Personal Transformation Coach

Sanya is a driven and successful Life and Personal Transformation Coach. She works with individuals who are dissatisfied with their personal and/or professional life; those who feel they lack a sense of fulfillment or purpose.

What all her clients have in common is that they started to ask themselves questions such as:

“Is there more to life than this?”
“It all looks good on paper. I have great friends and a great job, why do I still feel so dissatisfied?”
“Is there something wrong with me?”

After experiencing chronic pain from a tailbone injury, Sanya has spent nearly five years empowering, and truly healing, herself. She has developed a holistic approach to achieving wellness and success by treating Body, Mind and Spirit as one. Feeling inspired (again), she started a quest to help others to improve their own quality of life, to find their inner strength, and to rediscover their sense of balance.  Sanya is committed to lifelong professional development; her training so far has focused on proven methods such as Life Coaching, Ayurveda and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Sanya guides her clients along a journey towards mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being. She has made it her life’s mission to address a major problem in the world: The disconnection of Body, Mind and Spirit. View Full Profile »

Sarita Johan


Business Coach   l   Innermetrix ADVanced Insights Profiler  l  Business Mindset Coach   l  Certified Business Process Architect (BPA)
Business Workshop Facilitator

Sarita Johan has more than 30 years experience and success in business. After spending her career climbing the corporate ladder, running her own businesses and juggling family and relationships – this no-nonsense executive coach pulls no punches when assessing her clients’ needs and getting to the bottom of what’s holding them back from being their best.

Sarita’s coaching career was born in rubble. A snapped femur, financial hardship, and a broken marriage led Sarita to take a step back and make new choices. With her newfound resilience she chose to redesign her life on her terms. She walked away from her high-profile career, invested in ongoing personal development, training as a NLP practitioner, DISC profiler and her more recent qualification of Business Process Architect to compliment her decades of experience in business, management and operations. She is passionate about helping Business Owners and Senior Executives who have teams to manage.  She takes the guesswork out of running a small to medium size (SME) business by streamlining one of their most important assets; their people and the culture.  Sarita’s great gift is with helping business owners by helping them to focus on defining a business model that works as a system so you can create predictable, consistent and measurable outcomes AND enjoy a balanced and fulfilling live.

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Jiveny Blair-West

Dating and Attraction Coach | Workshop Facilitator

Jiveny Blair-West is a coach, writer and workshop facilitator specialising in the dynamics of dating. Her dating philosophy is centred on personal empowerment. In this way, Jiveny models how attraction and relationship building are skills that can be developed like any other. With this approach, she has helped all kinds of single people to overcome the blocks and barriers that are getting in the way of a fulfilling love life.

This passionate obsession with relationship dynamics has led her to study and unpack the realities of modern dating culture in sophisticated detail. Having successfully worked with clients across Australia, Jiveny can help you navigate the modern dating scene with true clarity, insight and confidence.

Recognising that there is a lack of relationship education in our society, Jiveny enjoys helping clients to learn the skills needed to facilitate their own healthy, romantic and sustainably passionate relationship.

Led by a lust for personal growth and development, Jiveny spent a large portion of her 20s living in different corners of the world, exploring different growth modalities and of course dating. The experience of dating within diverse cultures has proved to be invaluable in informing her approach to building strong, resilient relationships – and identifying common pitfalls for any relationship.

Having experienced a wide range of relationships; from fleeting romances to committed partnerships, open relationships to toxic dependencies, breaking hearts and getting her own heart painfully broken, Jiveny is committed to helping you find good love and avoid any unnecessary heart ache along the way.

Over the years, Jiveny has worked with people who have never been in a long-term relationship before, with men an women who have been in many different relationships (but were never fully satisfied in them) and even with people who have been in abusive marriages, where she has helped them to find a much healthier kind of love on the other side.

Her role as your coach is to be an objective confidant who will give you professional dating guidance along with direct and honest feedback and support around the (often unconscious) blocks and barriers that are sabotaging your love life – and how to find a path into a happy, healthy relationship.

Jiveny’s credentials and Professional Development:

  • Internationally Accredited Life Coach – The Coaching Institute
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner – Tad James Company
  • Meta Dynamics  – The Coaching Institute
  • Timeline Therapist – Tad James Company
  • IFS Inspired Coaching Certification – Centre for Self Leadership
  • Coach Accelerator – Sam Ovens Training

Jiveny also has the rare honour of being continuously mentored by her parents – a psychologist and psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience – both of whom specialise in relationship therapy.
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Tyson Day

Career | Life | Student | Coach

Tyson is accredited with the ICF as a Life Coach and is a qualified careers counsellor, with a National Associate Membership with the Graduate Careers Advisor Services.

He understands the importance of finding a career path that is both aligned with an individual’s values, purpose and the importance of continuous development in a competitive employment market.

He is passionate about helping individuals find their purpose and reconnect with their passions for long-term sustained success in their career and life. Tyson has worked with a range of individual’s from executives, to professional athletes in career transition and students leaving high school.

Tyson is focused on bringing about the best result for the individual and assisting clients to overcome barriers in their career and personal life. Using coaching techniques on communication, values assessment and career counselling he will assist you in finding that spark that you have lost in your life.

Tyson is also driven to give back to the community and is the Co-Founder of Arrive and Thrive a career development social enterprise. They specialise in workshops with school and university students, donating 10% of their program back to a charity voted by the students.

Career Coaching

Tyson’s career coaching is designed to assess an individual’s career goals and help the client achieve this by ensuring they have the correct resources. Tyson will provide advice on resumes, job searching techniques, LinkedIn profiles and mindset all to help you achieve sustained success in your chosen career.

Personal Development Coaching

Tysons personal development coaching is designed to help clients deal with challenges that they are currently facing in their personal life and provide tools in communication and stress management to connect with their purpose and values that guide an individual on a daily basis resulting in sustained happiness in their life.

Tyson is Accredited in the following online Assessment Tools:

  • The Birkman Method
  • Self Directed Search
  • Morrisby Online

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Guadalupe Sanchez

Life Coach | Youth Coach (Online coaching only available)

Guadalupe studied for her Bachelors of Psychology in Spain, Italy and Mexico. She undertook her practical components in Germany, then specialised in Coaching and Positive Psychology in San Francisco, California. Since then she has worked with individuals – helping them to unlock their potential and to become their best selves. She has also conducted Emotional Intelligence workshops with children and teenagers in both schools and non-profits organisations in Mexico, giving her valuable experience with children and adolescents as well.

Do you have the feeling that you want more from your life but you aren’t sure how to get it? She will help get you there. Since she was young, Guadalupe has had a deep fascination with the process of personal growth. She loves to work with talented individuals who are looking for guidance in upgrading their lives and levels of satisfaction and success in every way.

Her international education has enabled her strong capability to work with any kind of personality. Five years of study in clinical psychology makes her coaching approach very scientifically based. With each international relocation, she has challenged and continually coached herself to thrive in new and different environments. These experiences allow her to deeply understand the mechanisms behind transitions – either physical or psychological – through her own life.
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Tony Cosentino


Life | Career | Business | Leadership Coach

Tony is a Tony Robbins Strategic Interventionist specialising life, business and leadership coaching. He has received thousands of hours of life coaching from experts in various areas which have given him the edge in coaching. He has received coaching training from Mark Peysha and Maurice Leon and has learnt directly from the masters Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes studied at the Center for Strategic Intervention. Tony incorporates the highly regarded NLP Coaching Methodologies in his coaching conversations. He has a degree in Computer Science and for 16 years and was instrumental in providing web and internet architecture that produced business solutions. This background has allowed Tony to work closely with executive stockholders in various industries developing them as leaders.  The outcome for each individual working with Tony is always about being your best in all aspects of your life.

Tony has travelled to over 21 countries and has experienced culturally diverse ways to obtain sustainable solutions to life’s challenges. Four years ago he started learning Spanish to facilitate communication with the locals in South America. He has participated in providing self-development coaching to people in South America and to members of the Spanish-speaking community in Melbourne.

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Reeta Dabydoyal

Career and Life Coach

Reeta is a dedicated and results-oriented Career and Life Coach with extensive training and over 8 years of experience, working with individuals who are experiencing or contemplating significant changes in their career and/or personal life pathways. She went through a significant career change herself and knows first-hand about the stress, personal pressure, confusion and challenges people face at the time.  It can impact their personal lives and relationships. Whether you seek a career pathway review or complete career change, more work-life balance or perhaps you are experiencing personal life changes, Reeta is caring, practical, strategic and solution focused. She will tailor a solution-focused program to help you create the career and life you truly desire.

Her corporate experience has been gained in a variety of roles from Management, Senior Employment Consultant, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant and Coaching, giving Reeta a value-added proposition as your future Career and Life Coach.   She guides her clients forward using an holistic approach to career reviewing and pathway planning.   Total career changes are her forte and passion.

She brings a wealth of experience in the area of coaching, mentoring and career development. Having worked she understands employer’s recruitment practices, what stands out in a job application, how to secure an interview and get the job offer.

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Natasha Hita

natasha hita - Photo-3Life | Executive | Career | Medical Coach to Women

Natasha combines her naturally optimistic outlook on life with a passion for helping her clients who find themselves stuck in a rut and unable to find the direction or motivation to move forward.  7 years ago, she re-evaluated her own career pathway and chose to retrain and pursue a career in coaching and people development, whilst still working in investment banking. Natasha is a qualified and Accredited Life Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation.   In the 10 years leading up her transition, she held executive positions in law, media, and investment banking operations for global companies.

Natasha knows firsthand about the stress that comes with the long hours and being a woman in a male-dominated field.  This experience has proved to be invaluable when helping women to overcome the many different types of stress related issues that eventually impact on their personal lives.

Natasha had the odds against her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007.  Whilst now fully recovered, she had wished there was support for women that focused on emotional balance, lifestyle adaptation and empowerment through such a time of adversity. She up-skilled and is now a licensed Professional Medical Coach. She combines her real life experiences with this unique coaching methodology to give support, positive input and the tools to remain self-empowered, calm and focused on regaining good health and well-being.

Her life, career and executive clients are often people who value performance, hard work, family and relationships and well-being but struggle to find the balance.

Her background includes supporting global organisations and individuals with leadership, change management, and people development. Career coaching was a prominent aspect, delivering a program set up by Natasha to support individuals whose roles were relocated due to a global restructuring.  She delivered workshops and panel events to boost confidence and develop presentation skills.

What you can expect by working with Natasha:

  • Leave behind doubt and the “what ifs” of a stressful life
  • Focus on what you want and how to achieve it
  • Flourish as a person becoming happier, purposeful and empowered
  • Be a proactive influence in your life and the life of loved ones
  • Maintain a resourceful mindset when faced with challenges

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Audrey Chee

Parent Coach | Life Coach | Executive Coach | Empowerment Coach to Women

Audrey began working with young children for the first 18 years of her career where she was a successful Leader at Montessori schools in both Malaysia and Australia. She was originally very contented in just being an expert in child development and experiencing the joy in seeing children progress and develop into children of character and personality.

Over the latter years, Audrey knew in her heart that she also had immense talent and ability to positively impact women in need of growth and change. Often her clients are embarking on a significant life-transition of some kind and need her support, feedback and solution-focused approach.

Audrey has firsthand experience in her role as a mother of 3 children and maintaining a successful career.  She understands the real pressures women faced on a daily basis. Her approach to work/life balance is what enables her to be a truly inspirational and transformational coach to working mothers, in particular.

Upon reflection, Audrey was determined to step out and become a catalyst for women to be courageous as they embrace the need to change and grow as independent women (and mothers).  Her own transformation led her to become involved in Training, Facilitating and Coaching programs at organisation based here and also other regions in Asia (APIC).

Today Audrey simply loves helping people (both men and women/parents) to become the person they are called to be. She has a mantra… “I empower and give hope by helping you to discover a ‘New You’ “.

She is a Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team, Cert IV in Training and Assessment (TAA), and ICF-ACSTH Certificate IV in Workplace and Business Coaching. She is also certified to administer the Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM). As an educator, she has a Diploma of teaching in Montessori Method Education for early childhood. Audrey also volunteers at Community LifeCare centres for women on weekly basis.

Through her leadership position in the Executive Coaching space, Audrey has worked with numerous Leaders and Managers, helping them define their leadership style and to become their best version of themselves in their own workplace environments.

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Brian Mc Aleer

brian mcaleer - headshotLife and Career Coach for Young Adults – 1:1 and Group Coaching  | Author

Brian is an experienced Life and Career to Young Adults with a strong and successful background stemming from years in the field of Youth Work.  Brian’s pathway to becoming a successful coach can be partly attributed to his commitment to mentoring youth at Summer Camp USA over a number of years.  He was responsible for not only mentoring individuals but also to lead workshops and programs that focused on career pathway planning, goal setting, purpose and direction, self-empowerment and confidence building.

Year 12 students and young adults benefit greatly from Brian’s unique approach. Often young people find themselves struggling to set and maintain personal boundaries.  Wouldn’t it be great if they not only knew how but had the self-esteem and motivation to follow through?   Brian can give them the tools, accountability and structure they need, through 1:1 sessions.

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Kathrine Hillson

Life and Empowerment Coach

During Kathrine’s 18+ years in the corporate world, working as a Change Management Consultant, coaching people within large and complex organisations on how to adapt to and embrace the pace of change that is continuously being thrown at them, is ideal, hands-on experience for a Life and Empowerment Coach. If there is one thing that is constant in our working life and even personal quite often – it ‘s change!

Working with people at all levels of local and global corporations, along with many years coaching and mentoring for charities has taught Kathrine that fundamentally we all have the same hopes, fears, wants and needs. That perspective, self-belief and action are the things that separate failure from success.

Kathrine also has first-hand experience with change on many personal levels and therefore knows that we all have battles within ourselves and that we can all choose to either block our possibilities or, choose to be the change we want to see – one small step at a time.

In 2017,  Kathrine decided to take everything she had learnt from coaching for charities and businesses, in both London (12 years) and Auckland (7yrs) and use it to help people by coaching individuals who were struggling or stuck in a rut with an aspect of their life or career. She set up her own Coaching practice in Auckland which achieved (what felt like) overnight success as the demand was so great for her particular style of coaching.  She has since moved her coaching talent and passion for helping others to Melbourne.  She contacted LCM and we decided she would be a great fit for our team as she thrives wholeheartedly on the breakthroughs and successes of others.
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Nathalie Gevinti

Nathalie Gevinti_06HR

Life | Leadership Coach | DISC Profiler | NLP Practitioner

Nathalie is a Life and Leadership Coach with a behavioural strategist approach.  She helps individuals to develop, improve and implement strategies to utilise their full potential.  She is the author of Team to Profit- Find the Gold in Your People and has assisted many people to improve their communication, clarify their priorities and develop their confidence, leading them to achieve high-performance results.

Through her extensive international experience gained from working with small family businesses to well-known manufacturing companies such as General Motors and Boeing, she has developed fast-track methodologies and strategies to help individuals to step up and become more inspiring and effective leaders.

Nathalie’s unique and innovative approach combines coaching, NLP and leadership tools as well as real life implementation. Taking participants through a transformational program, she helps them create results in as little as 90 days.

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Hermann Muehlbachler

Emotional Wellbeing Coach |  Psychotherapist  |  Naturopath |  Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Coach & Facilitator  |  CMA Member

Hermann has over 30 years’ experience in providing Emotional Wellbeing Coaching and related services to a broad spectrum of people.  He utilizes several methodologies including -1:1 Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Self-Enquiry, Mindfulness Meditation, Thought Field Therapy and Psychotherapy to assist clients to gain the insights and outcomes they come for.   Since a young age, he has dedicated his life to learning and teaching the many forms of natural, complementary medicines. He has worked with thousands of individuals and groups, supporting and creating positive outcomes for everyone he works with. His client testimonials say it all.  His philosophy is that if you change within you will see tangible evidence externally.

There seems to be no shortage of stressful challenges when faced with predicaments, times of change with the frantic pace of everyday life. It can be quite stressful for many people. It often impacts our personal and professional relationships.  We can feel overwhelmed or stuck in our emotional and mental world or circumstances. It is often limiting and dis-empowering. At times, we simply don’t know which direction to turn or how to move forward.

Maybe you are wanting to have a fresh approach to difficult and emotional situations? Or maybe you want to be better equipped to handle stress and tension, self-doubt, anxiety, anger or sadness and grief?

Stress and negativity in the workplace are a distraction and can be destructive.  It holds you back from your true capabilities, desires and goals.  They are closely associated with fear in many ways.  The negative impacts are very similar and need to be dealt with.  Firstly, gaining understanding of your filters and beliefs that trigger stress reactions.  Secondly, by creating a practical plan to implement new coping strategies.
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Mary Henderson

Business, Personal Branding & Mindset Coach to“Corporate Escapees” and Entrepreneurs

Mary was a “Corporate Escapee” herself in 2012 when she methodically unpacked her abundance of skills, experience, transformational methodologies, leadership style, passions and expertise. She partnered with a coach to create her own Personal Brand. Mary has become an internationally recognised Business, Personal Branding & Mindset Coach. She is a Speaker and Author one of a number of fictional books on the experience of being human today, and she is furthermore the author of “Tapping Your Way To…” -book series.  Her most recent addition is the Success Action Planner –  a journal, diary and planner in one.

Mary helps Entrepreneurs, Startups & Corporate Executives convert their unique personal brand and business or life solution into an online business from start to implementation.

Mary has had 17 years experience building businesses for others and herself into multi-million dollar empires.  During her tenure in the corporate sector, she managed large sales teams, overachieved financial targets year on year and month on month and penetrated into new markets and industries.  She has been featured in many publications and has been regarded a thought leader in the technology sector. She was also the President of AIMIA Victoria.   In 2005, Mary started her digital agency – GeekIT and built a successful 7 figure digital agency.  In 2012 she merged her company with a leading design agency & decided to step out of the corporate sector altogether and have “time out” and enjoy motherhood for a while.

It wasn’t long before Mary started to get restless and ask that all important question “ What Am I Going To Do For The Rest Of My Life?”  In her quest to find answers, she took on the biggest challenge of her life to find answers. She reverse engineered her entire life (from birth) and her new discoveries lead her to a three year full-time research into the Why & How of human behaviour.

In that time, Mary was mentored by some of the worlds finest academics, TED Speakers, Authors and Experts in the Mind Body Field.  She was adamant to find answers on topics such as beliefs, behaviours, emotions, goal setting, success, failure,  and a lot more.  Mary also discovered something very profound during this period.  She realised the success she created in the multinational corporations she worked for could not be replicated after she left and this led to a new discovery.  Mary realised that she had a profound gift  to unpack skills and gifts in people, create personal brands and implement business models from start to implementation.  She knew there and then that this was her vocation.

This has made her one of the foremost unique coaches in the world because Mary combines business, mindset & personal branding models based on a carefully considered and well thought through a methodology that provides a start to implementation solution.   Mary believes that any form of coaching that does not provide a start to finish implementation plan is just mere philosophy and for this reason, her coaching style is designed to reverse engineer the clients end goal first.

Mary approaches success from end to the beginning where most people focus on the beginning to end.  Her coaching program is world-class where she uses technology (in a big way) that she has developed with custom-built algorithms to fast-track her clients progress.   Mary’s process is threefold.  First, the focus is on clearing the emotional blocks that are connected to limiting beliefs (she has designed a bespoke modality for this), second unpacking ‘your’ unique story (Gifts, abilities, skills) to create a personal brand and third unpack ‘your ‘business idea and implement a structure and sales funnel to generate leads and most importantly deliver on the end promise.

Mary has embraced the arenas of technology and social media, unlike any of her competitors, and her followers are growing daily. Now, she shares this knowledge with audiences all over the world. In Mary’s true words….“It has been a long journey decoding scientific white papers, sorting out real truths from generally acknowledged “truths”, implementing the knowledge and then experiencing it has really been worth it”, she says enthusiastically. “Finding out what actually works and what doesn’t, and now being able to assist others applying this knowledge to themselves, while finally watch them turn their lives around in ways they did not think would have been possible initially .. to me, it doesn’t get much better than that”.

Mary is a heart centred, compassionate and tenacious entrepreneur who thrives on sharing her knowledge and witnessing people fulfil their dreams.


Kelly Hoskin

Personal | Career |  Coaching and Consulting for Creatives |Leadership and Business Owner Coaching | Accredited DiSC Practitioner

Kelly is a highly experienced coach and accredited practitioner of a variety of human behavioural methodologies. Having coached and consulted with many creatives and business leaders, Kelly’s success is attributed to her passion to empower her clients to further discover the potential that exists within them and their enterprise.

Kelly navigates through a unique process that enables her clients to expand and develop their current patterns of thinking and practise, and to explore alternative and viable options creating meaningful progress and positive outcome. Through this process, Kelly has witnessed transformations within clients personal and professional lives.

Kelly has a rare combination of skills and knowledge developed throughout her extensive and varied professional life. Kelly’s career began in the entertainment industry as a performer, with a highlight performing a lead role of Eponine in the Australian / New Zealand tour of the 10th Anniversary production Les Miserables. After having reached this dream role, Kelly extended her skills moving from the commercial stage to presenting workshops, marketing presentations, training leaders, managing events, projects, client acquisition and client relationship management. Her leadership, sales and presentation skills opened doors across sectors and companies.

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Meg Viney

Megan (Meg) Viney

Life and Wellness Coach

Meg is a qualified Life and Wellness Coach with the added wisdom of having over two years experienced as one of the most requested certified Personal Trainer in a leading studio here in Melbourne.  With a passion to influence and inspire people to find balance in their mental and physical wellbeing, Meg merges her training and experience, positive outlook, in depth knowledge and drive to help clients to be the best version of themselves.

Meg was often up early training with her dad, or playing sport and, although wasn’t an elite athlete she was good enough to make the A teams consistently and was what you call “an all-rounder”. She wanted to become a Physical Education Teacher when she left school, enrolling in her first Health & Fitness course and so began the ongoing journey that still continues today.

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Bruce Frame


Business Owner Coach to SME’s

Bruce is a Business Coach who specialises in helping small to medium business owners define their business goals and achieve them. Many businesses are profitable, but they interfere with their owners’ real goals – like spending time with family and friends or being free to travel without constantly checking in to the office and worrying about how things are going.

If a business is draining all its owner’s time and energy it doesn’t matter whether it is financially successful or not … the owners suffer, their families suffer, and everyone is uncomfortable, if not downright miserable. Bruce will not only help you define your business goals but also identify the steps needed to achieve them.

Bruce fell into business coaching when the company he managed was in the process of being acquired by a larger company. He had implemented many of the systems which made the company attractive, and he found myself coaching colleagues as they prepared for change. That is when Bruce saw the satisfaction of seeing clients take their businesses from one level of success to their next as they tackle the decisions and changes necessary for progress.

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