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Nathalie helps individuals to develop, improve and implement strategies to utilise their full potential. She been an NLP practitioner, coach and mentor for over half a decade, specialising in the neurological connections that create success and working with people of all ages, background and career.

She thrives on seeing people live their dreams, and most of all she loves working with women and seeing them reconnect to their true-self as they dive deep within and loves that moment when her clients become fully aware of their power, swaying between fear and awe before finally stepping into their greatness.

Her dream is for you to connect to your soul-self and feel free to experience and express who you truly are.

Through her extensive international experience gained from working with small family businesses to well-known manufacturing companies such as General Motors and Boeing, she has developed fast-track methodologies and strategies to help individuals to step up and become more inspiring and effective leaders.

Nathalie’s unique and innovative approach combines coaching, NLP and leadership tools as well as real life implementation. Taking clients through a transformational program, she helps them create results in as little as 90 days.


The benefits of working with Nathalie:

  • Overcoming stress and anxiety patterns
  • Emotional wellbeing coaching for female leaders – especially designed for developing your confidence in any situation, including conflict resolution, handling resistance to change and maintaining your identity and being true to yourself, even in male-dominant industries
  • Improving leadership skills by letting go of fears, limiting beliefs or bad habits that get in the way of you achieving your results
  • Improving leadership skills through the teaching of valuable and core leadership strategies
  • Creating inner peace and harmony for emotional wellbeing
  • Increasing communication skills for sales and negotiation success
  • Finding direction in life as a whole or in your career
  • Work/life balance
  • Sounding board – a non-judgemental place to brainstorm and clear your head
  • Goal setting and accountability partner
  • Vision, purpose and value elicitation
  • Team engagement

Nathalie’s qualifications and training

  • Engage and Grow Certification
  • Certificate IV Life Coaching
  • Advanced Practitioner Life Coaching
  • Practitioner of NLP
  • Level II Practitioner and Profiler of Meta Dynamics
  • Practitioner of Deep Sate Re-patterning TM
  • Extended DISC Accreditation
  • Master in Business and Management

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