Nathalie Gevinti – Leadership and Wellbeing Mentor |Author

Nathalie creates the space for women to experience more calm, inner peace and joy.

It is said we expect women to work like they don’t have children and raise children as if they didn’t work. Some claim women can have it all and others argue they can’t.

Nathalie doesn’t consider success as being what we can do but rather how we feel when we do it. Being at the top doesn’t mean anything if you’re exhausted, stressed and feeling awful. Using neuroscience-based techniques and proven mindfulness strategies, Nathalie has helped women learn how to feel in control and in flow regardless of what they choose to do.

We don’t experience events, we experience feelings that in turn create new events and so on, in a repetitive pattern. These feelings are created in our minds, and thanks to neuroplasticity, our brain can adapt and change when we alter the pattern.

Nathalie’s expertise is both wide AND deep. It ranges from spiritual, mindful, intuitive work to science and psychology-based knowledge with proven practical applications across a wide range of clients.

As a certified and experienced coach, she can help you clarify the outcome you want from working together, identify the root cause and gently teach, guide and heal as necessary, so you can be in total awareness and control of your state and emotions.

Nathalie’s practice is based on kindness and compassion.


The benefits of working with Nathalie:

  • Overcoming stress and anxiety patterns
  • Emotional wellbeing coaching for female leaders – especially designed for developing your confidence in any situation, including conflict resolution, handling resistance to change and maintaining your identity and being true to yourself, even in male-dominant industries
  • Improving leadership skills by letting go of fears, limiting beliefs or bad habits that get in the way of you achieving your results
  • Improving leadership skills through the teaching of valuable and core leadership strategies
  • Creating inner peace and harmony for emotional wellbeing
  • Increasing communication skills for sales and negotiation success
  • Finding direction in life as a whole or in your career
  • Work/life balance
  • Sounding board – a non-judgemental place to brainstorm and clear your head
  • Goal setting and accountability partner
  • Vision, purpose and value elicitation
  • Team engagement

Nathalie’s qualifications and training

  • Engage and Grow Certification
  • Certificate IV Life Coaching
  • Advanced Practitioner Life Coaching
  • Practitioner of NLP
  • Level II Practitioner and Profiler of Meta Dynamics
  • Practitioner of Deep Sate Re-patterning TM
  • Extended DISC Accreditation
  • Master in Business and Management

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