Career (and Life) Coaching

Need clarity and direction with your career?

Unsure what you would do if you were stood down as a result of COVID19?

” Now is the time to be proactive and you will feel so much better for it. Getting professional help to you is the best way to gain a non-bias, honest assessment of what has and has not been working for you as far as job selection, on-the-job performance or career achievement.

We have a number of Life and Career Coaches on our team who specialise in career development coaching. We have a growing number (8 now!) of experienced Life Coaches who are trained to deliver Career Development as a specialization. This service is unique to Life Coaching Melbourne and we are in our 8th year of delivering this adaptable program.

There are many benefits of having a Life and Career Coach there to brainstorm, guide, challenge your thinking or get you over the line when you are feeling pressured. It is common for people to have 2 or 3 careers during their working life. Knowing the best way to go about any career transition is very challenging and you want to make sure you get it right. Our coaches will help you to be creative AND strategic whilst setting realistic goals. We will help you make the right decisions and then follow through effectively for long-term success in your chosen field. We ensure that your confidence is at its optimum level before you present yourself to any potential employer.

If you are wanting to get to the next level, find your passion and/or make a complete career change you need your Coach to help you unpack all those things you enjoy or would enjoy, what gives you a sense of fulfilment, achievement, and purpose. They work with you to map out the best pathway towards your new and fulfilling career.

If selling yourself in to a new career is a challenging thought and a highly daunting task then you really need to take charge of learning how – NOW. Many people come to us because they do not know what they want to do, let alone know how to go about it or believe it is possible. Their loss of confidence, lack of motivation and procrastination was becoming quite debilitating. It doesn’t have to be this hard!

We have the coaches and the process to help you do that confidently. If you only some-what curious how we can help you, then just book a Phone Consultation to find out more.

When it comes to asking for a promotion or landing the job you have been hunting for, don’t leave it to chance! Companies are focusing on their “Post COVID19 Strategic Growth Strategy and they might be looking for someone like you to step-up and add value and help them achieve their overall strategic vision.

With a coach there guiding you personally on a 1:1 basis you will maximize your chances to be on the A-team at your current place or employment, or to be selected for another employer of your choice. We have the results to prove it!

Our experienced Career Coaches can help you with any or all of these important factors:

  • Overcoming barriers and/or career stagnation – Is your career situation is zapping your energy and causing a total lack of focus or drive? Or maybe you have been stood down and freaking out about what you can do next? We find that many clients have been either focusing too much on what they cannot do well or they have lost sight what they really are capable of doing within their current role because of job bored or even stress. Sound familiar? The good news is that the majority of our clients find that they really do have far more (transferable) skills than they first thought and could easily produce better results in their current role with input from their coach.
  • Discovering your true potential – If self-doubt has plagued you it is likely that you are not fully aware of ALL your skills, traits and FULL potential. Our Life and Career Coaches are trained to ensure you put your self-doubt and worrisome ways behind you – for good! Even if you absolutely no idea what you want and need to do next in your career we take you through a Values Elicitation process that helps you to understand yourself a whole lot better and to clarify specifically what would make a career more fulfilling and satisfying – for you. This is a very powerful and empowering part of our unique Career and Life Coaching approach.
  • Clarifying what your ultimate value proposition really is – At this point, your coach will have compiled a summary of everything that has been discovered about you so far. You can now draw upon their expertise to further define your ultimate value proposition. This is a highly liberating session! You will have clarity of direction and a renewed sense of purpose so that you are ready and able to identify where you can add the most value and in what type of role, and for which organisations.
  • Exploration- Don’t know where to start with exploring your options? Are basing your research on what you have done in the past? STOP! You will need expert advice and resources to identify ALL the options you have discovered by this step with our research methodologies.
  • Creating your Career Development Plan – you will walk away with a detailed, inspiring, easy-to-follow, step-by-step “road map” completely integrated with your particular needs, goals and personality to make a success of your next career transition.
  • Reviewing your progress – Self-assessments really don’t cut it in today’s highly competitive landscape. to allow some important adjustments or to ensure you are covering all bases when it comes to a career change.

We also have coaches who specialise in the follow:

Performance and productivity

This is for people who want to get to the top! Don’t waste time or money on beating around the bush if you really want to BE that person who keeps getting all the recognition and the promotions. Become the empowered one who can stay in a peak-performance state to increase your performance, productivity AND influence.

You need to know how satisfy increased demands upon. You will also gain greater job security as a result.

Resumes, Cover Letters and Interview Skills, LinkedIn Profiles

Are you someone who is really great at what you do but cannot seem to put it all in writing or present yourself confidently at an interview? Maybe you are like many others in that you don’t enjoy ‘blowing your own trumpet’? Some of our Career Coaches are also experienced resume and LinkedIn profile writers.They can provide feedback and give their expert tips for writing a cover letter and resume. You want it to grab the attention of potential employers. However, we know the importance of YOU being able to believe in yourself enough to sell your skills in person. It has to go hand-in-hand with a great job application, doesn’t it? We will always take measures to have you feeling proud, positive, and motivated. If this entails role-playing or pep-talks prior to an interview, we will be there to assist you.