Career Coaching

Having a clear and well designed vision for your career is vital. Knowing what you want or how to make it happen is not easy on your own.

As Einstein said,  “You cannot solve the problem with the same mindset that created it”

We have a number of  highly experience Life and Career Coaches on our team who specialize in career development coaching. This service is unique to Life Coaching Melbourne and we are in our 10th year of delivery.  Read the many success stories here.

Having one of our coaches there guiding you personally on a 1:1 basis will maximize your chances to be on the ‘A-team’ at your current workplace or to be THE successful candidate in a new organization.  We have the results to prove it!

The many benefits of having a professional, experienced Life and Career Coach

  • Tap into your true potential – we take into consideration ALL the hidden traits and talents you have by taking a holistic approach. Only a Life and Career Coach has the skills and depth to give you full picture of your potential.  It is never just about what is on your CV, is it?
  • Review your current plan (if you don’t have one, then go to step 2 now)
  • A reality check – Find out why you are stuck or have certain barriers that hold you back and result in career stagnation
  • Discover your passions, and how they may (or may not- let’s be clear) equate to a fulfilling and/or successful career or business
  • Clarify what your ultimate value proposition would be to help you climb the ladder to greater successful and fulfillment
  • Learn how to utilize your broader skillset to help you unpack and BECOME your full potential
  • Uncover all your options – career, business ideas, business investment
  • Learn negotiation, public speaking and pitching skills
  • Expert research methodology: Uncover all your options – career, business ideas, business investment
  • Goal setting and achievement strategies are our forte’ – they need to align with your values and vision.  We show you HOW to do this
  • Creating your Career Development Plan – 2, 5 or 10 year plan (whichever is relevant for you).

We help you to consider all the influencing factors in your life as a whole when making key decisions about your career from a new job, a complete career change, or a transition to self-employment.

Stand out, be your best with expert, unbiased coaching to help you reflect and brainstorm your options

We challenge your thinking and get you over the line when you are feeling pressured.

Performance and productivity

This is for people who want to get to the very top! Don’t waste time or money on beating around the bush if you really want to BE that person who keeps getting all the recognition and the promotions. Become the empowered one who can stay in a peak-performance state to increase your performance, productivity AND influence.

You need to know how satisfy increased demands upon. You will also gain greater job security as a result.

Resumes, Cover Letters and Interview Skills, LinkedIn Profiles

Are you someone who is really great at what you do but cannot seem to put it all in writing or present yourself confidently at an interview? Maybe you are like many others in that you don’t enjoy ‘blowing your own trumpet’? Some of our Career Coaches are also experienced resume and LinkedIn profile writers. They can provide feedback and give their expert tips for writing a cover letter and resume. You want it to grab the attention of potential employers. However, we know the importance of YOU being able to believe in yourself enough to sell your skills in person. It has to go hand-in-hand with a great job application, doesn’t it? We will always take measures to have you feeling proud, positive, and motivated. If this entails role-playing or pep-talks prior to an interview, we will be there to assist you.