Confidence and Selling Yourself

You cannot expect to sell your products and services or land the job of your dreams if you cannot sell yourself…right?

Have you been missing your sales targets in recent months? Have you landed an interview or two but not got that job offer?? Is it really the economy or is there something YOU could be doing differently? Well, if you choose to think that it could be about YOU, then you CAN do something about the results you are producing. You need confidence and know how to selling yourself.

Maybe you are a networker and/or business owner and need greater confidence and clearer communication for any face-to-face situation?

Who better to help you than someone who is trained to……

  • Identify your strengths (& weaknesses)
  • Keep you feeling positive, highly motivated, and
  • Help you plan and achieve your KPIs & goals
  • Help you deliver your message (& create your clear message)
  • Help you make a first impression that is memorable

First impressions are never forgotten.
Competition is fierce…. so stand out from the rest
and get that boost of confidence now, and the tools for delivering results!

This coaching program can be as specific as you like. This unique program has been developed over time and is a result of the feedback and results our clients have received. This program is delivered over 5 x 1 hour sessions and includes networking training and preparation and practice of your sales pitch, rapport building skills, answering key criteria interview questions, ‘closing the deal’ techniques, or as we coaches prefer to call it, relationship building. Sales managers, team leaders and BDMs have benefited greatly from this program and executives have scored the jobs they have really wanted.

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