Completing school or your degree and starting to doubt what you want to do?

If you are you losing motivation with your studies or uncertain what you want to do then talk to us today!

IF you are finding that your course is not what you expected, dont let it go on and on without reviewing where you are heading or what is causing this doubt. Maybe you are doubting whether you would even be good at whatever it is you are studying? These concerns are common and our holistic approach to Career Coaching can help with all these aspects.

We can help you gain CLARITY about the direction to take, and help you REGAIN MOTIVATION.

Here’s how:

  1. During a 1:1, face-to-face or Skype initial consultation we will either unpack all the reasons why you chose the course or pathway you are currently on, and assess what other skills and attributes you have that would have be successful in that career pathway. OR we begin the process of helping you to choose a pathway that is right for you. You need to fully understand and see your own potential to be successful before you can be confident about continuing on this pathway or begin searching for a new one.
  2. We then help guide and support you to move forward, whether that be getting your current assignments up to speed or move forward with researching your career and/or study choices.

We help you to back yourself up with whatever decision you make, and gain social support for your decisions. Often the thought of telling others about a change of mind is so daunting that many stay in the current course knowing very well they will not want to pursue a career in that field. The wasted time, money and the extent of stress that an unfulfilling career pathway can cause is far more painful than the short term pain of changing the track now.

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