Our Founder, Sandy Ewing,  has been a long-time contribution to these leading media organisations.  Her most popular and favourite topics are dating, relationships, new year resolutions, communication, negotiation, and recently interviewed about managing lockdown here in Victoria.

House of Wellness, June’2021 – “Life Lessons by the Decade”

Sydney Morning Herald, May’2020 – “Could our Lives have Changed for the Better?”

This article went everywhere. “Choosing Your Bubble without Offending Everyone Else”

Sydney Morning Herald – “How to Keep your New Year’s Resolutions”

Article on stress on Coach9    How to Leave Stress at Work

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View Sandy’s article published in The Age titled “Is flirting worth the effort?”

Sydney Morning Herald – “How to Stay Together Forever”

The New Daily– on Work Life Balance”

The Herald Sun – “Singles Turn to Love Coaching”

Body and Soul  – “Flirting Fantastically” 

Sydney Morning Herald / Lifestyle section “How to Stay Together Forever”

YouthWise Magazine – Top 5 Tips for Living Effective with a Mental Illness”,by Life Coach, Sandy Ewing

Onya Magazine – “Successful Dating is like any Other Skill…It Can be Learned”