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Welcome to Life Coaching Melbourne for all your coaching needs.


We have been changing lives since 2001.  1:1 coaching is a powerful tool not only for those times when you are feeling ‘stuck’ or seem to be in a rut. Life Coaching is also highly beneficial when things are going well. Have you ever felt like that there must be something more to life, even when everything seems to be going well enough but you know you are capable of more?

You are motivated but you want to get to the next level and just not sure HOW to go about it.  A growing number of people have turned to life coaching to keep themselves at the top of their game and stay consistently empowered and challenged.

Design the best way forward, seize the opportunity Vs Being told or being left behind

PAGE UPDATE:  May 21st 2020
When is the best time to review and re-design your future? These unprecedented times call for an unprecedented approach to the way you handle it. NOW is an ideal time to seek out every opportunity. Over 3 million Australians are already seeking out a career change. In fact, a recent ING Future Focus Report released yesterday found the COVID-19 pandemic has already triggered 1.38 Millennials and 1.31 million Gen Xs looking for a career change.  Complacency is not wise at this time.

Many people have become very reflective during lock-down.  Now, more than ever, is the best time to put that reflection to good use. Make the last 9 weeks of lockdown worth something – something life changing in a good way. New beginnings are available to you.  We recommend you go inward and find your true self, your true strengths and real potential….to learn to seize opportunities based on the “new you” and our “new normal”. Our Life and Career Coaches provide an holistic approach to career planning. You need to consider all influencing factors before making life-change decisions, right?  We help you find those opportunities you may not see because you may have been stuck in the past.  COVID19 has changed the way we live, work, rest and play.  There are 1000s of opportunities presenting across many industries.  Some industries won’t survive.

Life Coaching is solution-focused, strengths-based and a practical approach to embracing change, experiencing growth and to expand your awareness and your horizons.

Call us on 1300137706 to talk to a Coach today (8 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday, 9 am – 4 pm Saturday).. Our large team of outstanding, screened and well qualified Life, Career, Leadership and Wellness Coaches have kindly agreed to offer special rates to help more people to access the power of coaching during the COVID19 impacts on our country.

All services delivered safely: ZOOM, SKYPE, PHONE, EMAIL 1:1 or in groups (e.g. teams working from home, households, friendship clusters, families). Just ask what we can do and we will do our best to deliver!   Contact Us

Onwards and upwards,

The Team at Life Coaching Melbourne