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Sandy is a sought after, qualified, experienced, and passionate coach delivering tailored coaching programs for individuals, teams and businesses. After discovering this incredible industry in 2001, Sandy has gone from a coaching client – to coach trainee – to sole trader – to running this highly successful coaching agency. She now has an amazing team of over 20 coaches, and has become the “go to” of the coaching industry.

With 19 years of 1:1 coaching experience Sandy can help her clients with all aspects of personal development, holistic career development, making successful life transitions, business leadership and relationship enhancement.  She works individuals who have come from a wide variety of circumstances, challenges and backgrounds, and of all ages.  She also supports various charities and works with NDIS participants where applicable.

Sandy’s unique coaching approach and her passion to deliver exceptional results have helped hundreds of people gain breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives. Sandy’s personal philosophy is that everything comes back to having a healthy, positive attitude, being grounded, how well we connect with others, what choices we make and how well we learn along the way. Sandy has valuable expertise and gained immeasurable insights about personal development by firstly focusing on her own personal mastery and learning about all aspects of human behaviour from global leaders and trainers.

For a period of time, Sandy was a single mother of two, newly divorced and struggling to make a new life for her family and a new career/business pathway for herself. She was getting nowhere fast! It was a highly stressful time, right when she needed to step up and be her best, and quickly!!

She realised her values had changed and she needed to find time to rediscover herself – somehow. She had so many unanswered questions and didn’t know what to do or how to go about it. She knew she didn’t need counselling. She was eager to brainstorm ideas, find solutions and gain the tools and strategies to grow and move forward. After discovering the amazing effects of life coaching for herself, she soon realised what her own vision looked like > to become a professional coach to others who have found themselves stuck in a rut in their personal or professional lives. Sandy has firsthand experience in mastering work/life balance. Running the household, being a single parent (of two amazing daughters) and studying course after course was all apart of the challenge and yet she thrived. Staying focused on being a good role model for her kids, maintaining a healthy attitude and sense of well-being, and having an inspiring vision firmly in her sights was the key. She has very proudly built this coaching company, Life Coaching Melbourne from scratch. Her compassion, client-empowerment focused approach to her coaching and maintaining a willingness to continually learn, grow and contribute, has kept her being her best so that she can best help you to be your best too.

If you are only ‘managing’ life, tired of the ‘same old’ as a business owner, an executive, a return-to-work parent in need of external guidance to make changes, or if you are curious about what else is possible for you in your personal and professional life Sandy can help you find the best pathway forward for you. She will help you to take the steps necessary to put the right people and opportunities on your ‘radar’ and go after your new goals with passion and renewed motivation and purpose.


The key benefits of working with Sandy:

  • Re-evaluating and improving any area of your life
  • Life Direction – clarifying the best possible pathways for a balanced, inspiring, fulfilling and healthy life
  • Building or rebuilding your confidence (at any age)
  • Building resilience (teenagers and young adults)
  • Getting out of ‘a rut’ / finding direction in life as a whole (for teens to mature age)
  • Being well, and living authentically
  • Starting over again after a relationship breakdown
  • Making a successful life transition – e.g. a “sea change”, retiring happily, relocating, total career change, or entering a new and blended family scenario
  • Social confidence and relationship development
  • Career coaching (including defining your personal brand, selling yourself,
    interview skills, career direction and development planning, making a complete career change, skills and strengths
  • Performance & productivity enhancement
  • VISION & purpose discovery
  • Developing your “next level” mindset, habits and beliefs
  • Creating more work/life balance
  • Corporate “escapee” coaching (getting out of the “rat race” to becoming a
    successful entrepreneur)
  • Coaching for parents and step-parents of teenagers and young adults


Sandy partners with People and Culture Management during times of organisational change, restructure, re-branding and rapid growth, or as an ongoing arrangement. Utilizing her team of 20+ coaches, the Services can include:

  • Career and executive coaching services coordination – incorporating holistic 1:1 career development coaching, leadership development and life/wellness coaching for your executives
  • Outplacement services – incorporating career coaching (as above), job search strategies, job application advice, interview preparation and job transition support and life coaching to help with dealing with change, managing stress, anxiety and uncertainty
  • Motivational programs – drawing on the LCM Team of coaches to provide a tailored program to help your team to remain engaged, productive, committed and enthusiastic
  • Business Coaching and Team Development Programs – Sandy has consulted with 100s of business owners and managers throughout Melbourne in both the private, government and not-for-profit sectors. Sandy can compile a program, drawing on the specialists within the LCM team to create effective and empowering programs tailored to suit your managers and staff members’ needs and goals.

Sandy’s qualifications and training (condensed):

  • Life Coaching Certification – Prism Personal Success (Australia)
  • Results Coaching Certification – Christopher Howard Companies
  • Mental Health First Aid - Mental Health First Aid Australia (current to 2022)
  • Meta States/Neuro Semantics Coaching Certification – Personal Success Australia
  • Coach Mastery – The Coaching Institute
  • NLP Trainers Training Certification – Christopher Howard Companies
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Results Coaching Certification
  • Sandy has a Working With Children Check (current to 2026)
  • On-going professional development -focused on new coaching models, personal empowerment, wellness, communication, self-evaluation and more

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