Helen Robinett – Leadership and Confidence Coach

Helen brings a wealth of experience working with professionals who want to leave a meaningful legacy both professionally and personally.
There is a process that  starts with discovering your starting point.  During a Discovery  Session with Helen she will unpack the essential aspects of where you are at right now and she begins to map out the steps that will take you on a journey of growth and momentum. A key benefit of working with Helen is learning how to utilize your power base effectively by knowing what it means to you to be in a position of influence and power in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

There is ample evidence to support Helen’s claim, “society functions better when women hold position of power and where they can influence change”.  Helen is on a mission to provide women with the tools, frameworks and confidence to stand in their power and leave a legacy by claiming a seat on a board or in a top-tier role.

Don’t keep coming second!


The key benefits of working with Helen:

  • Increased motivation and drive (even after rejection and disappointment)
  • Increased self-awareness and self-assurance
  • Feeling supported through change and times of decision making
  • Confirm the importance and relevance of change as clients move through careers
  • Gaining a renewed level of confidence as you implement the tools and strategies changes that Helen equips you with to move through each stage of your career advancement
  • Presentation - this is about your image and how to present with and 'air of confidence' in front of an audience
  • Clarity - about your purpose, vision and the legacy you have only ever dreamed of leaving
  • Career planning and development
  • Defining your leadership style and executive presence
  • Aligning your desire image with the image others see in you - with Helen's image consulting

Helen brings unique enthusiasm and energy for change to each client’s unique context. She is driven by diversity in her life and work experience as a coach and mentor.

She’s here to serve and make an impact on your career. As well as co-authoring the personal branding book From Apprentice to Business Ace, Helen is part of an elite group in Australia recognised as Certified Image Professionals by the Association of Image Consultants International. If it’s unfounded validation and ego-stroking you’re after, Helen Robinett is not right for you. If you want to break down barriers to effectiveness, resilience and success, you’ve made a breakthrough already.

Training and professional development:

  • Accredited Being Profile Practitioner & Thrive Coach, Engenesis Group
  • Leadership Coaching Accreditation, The Coaching Institute
  • SheEO Activator Certification
  • Training and Assessment – Certificate IV
  • Certified Image Professional

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