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Hermann has over 30 years’ experience in providing Emotional Wellbeing Coaching and related services to a broad spectrum of people. He utilizes several methodologies including -1:1 Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Self-Enquiry, Mindfulness Meditation, Thought Field Therapy and Psychotherapy to assist clients to gain the insights and outcomes they come for. He has worked with thousands of individuals and groups, supporting and creating positive outcomes for everyone he works with.

Hermann’s client testimonials say it all. Since a young age, he has dedicated his life to learning and teaching the many forms of natural, complementary medicines. His philosophy is that if you change within you will see tangible evidence externally.There seems to be no shortage of stressful challenges when faced with predicaments, times of change with the frantic pace of everyday life. It can be quite stressful for many people. It often impacts our personal and professional relationships. We can feel overwhelmed or stuck in our emotional and mental world or circumstances. It is often limiting and dis-empowering. At times, we simply don’t know which direction to turn or how to move forward.

Maybe you are wanting to have a fresh approach to difficult and emotional situations? Or maybe you want to be better equipped to handle stress and tension, self-doubt, anxiety, anger or sadness and grief?

Stress and negativity in the workplace are a distraction and can be destructive. It holds you back from your true capabilities, desires and goals. They are closely associated with fear in many ways. The negative impacts are very similar and need to be dealt with. Firstly, gaining understanding of your filters and beliefs that trigger stress reactions. Secondly, by creating a practical plan to implement new coping strategies.

Hermann is an “enabler” whereby he taps into whatever you need to work on for your own greater awareness and growth. He provides a practical approach as he guides you forward. Together you map out the necessary positive action steps within a suitably determined structure.

Once you experience the positive changes within your energetic belief system, you then also find the evidence that you have made them true for you in your external world. The beliefs, emotions and desires will be aligned and coherent with your intentions and progressive expectations in your life.


Hermann’s usual delivery model (1:1 clients):

  • Discover what is holding you back
  • Uncover the positive and negative expectations
  • Let go/eliminate the negative expectations and associated beliefs
  • Align your desires (goals) with your positive expectations
  • Form new and empowering habits that support your growth and emotional balance
  • Expect to achieve outcomes such as growth, self-empowerment, greater EQ and better tangible results and achievements.

Hermann’s workshops and group sessions:

  • Stress reduction in the workplace – group workshops
  • Lunch-break Mindfulness meditation sessions

Hermann will help you to stop for a moment to reflect in an honest way, observing your thoughts, beliefs and your emotional reactions to events in your life. He will teach you how you can be more accepting of yourself, more compassionate, truer to yourself (which is not selfish) for the greater good – for you, for your relationships and for effectiveness as you work, rest and play.

With practice, emotional freedom methods are effective in putting you back in control of your life. It creates the space and freedom to make wise decisions rather than living life in reaction to events.

The benefits include:

  • Self-empowerment
  • Overcoming the impact of stress anxiety
  • Recovering from a relationship breakdown or negative life event
  • Self-acceptance
  • Greater happiness in life
  • Emotional balance and freedom
  • Releasing performance anxiety
  • Mastering exam anxiety
  • Performance anxiety relief
  • Performance focus (helping artists to manage their states and stay “in the zone” for longer periods
  • Creative expression
  • Letting go of specific past events that still trigger negative reactions and poor choices
  • Freedom from irritability and frustration
  • Greater self-confidence; a greater sense of self
  • Increased motivation and energy for life
  • Experience more compassion, unity, and love in all relationships
  • Experience abundance (not just making money)
  • Greater success
  • Natural body weight
  • Supporting your goals

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