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Audrey has firsthand experience in her role as a mother of 3 children and maintaining a successful career. She understands the real pressures women faced on a daily basis. Her approach to work/life balance is what enables her to be a truly inspirational and transformational coach to working mothers, in particular.

Audrey began working with young children for the first 18 years of her career where she was a successful Leader at Montessori schools in both Malaysia and Australia. She was originally very contented in just being an expert in child development and experiencing the joy in seeing children progress and develop into children of character and personality. Over the latter years, Audrey knew in her heart that she also had immense talent and ability to positively impact women in need of growth and change. Often her clients are embarking on a significant life-transition of some kind and need her support, feedback and solution-focused approach.

Upon reflection, Audrey was determined to step out and become a catalyst for women to be courageous as they embrace the need to change and grow as independent women (and mothers). Her own transformation led her to become involved in Training, Facilitating and Coaching programs at organisation based here and also other regions in Asia (APIC).

Today Audrey simply loves helping people (both men and women/parents) to become the person they are called to be. She has a mantra… “I empower and give hope by helping you to discover a ‘New You’ “.

She is a Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team, Cert IV in Training and Assessment (TAA), and ICF-ACSTH Certificate IV in Workplace and Business Coaching. She is also certified to administer the Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM). As an educator, she has a Diploma of teaching in Montessori Method Education for early childhood. Audrey also volunteers at Community LifeCare centres for women on weekly basis.

Through her leadership position in the Executive Coaching space, Audrey has worked with numerous Leaders and Managers, helping them define their leadership style and to become their best version of themselves in their own workplace environments.

The many benefits of working with Audrey are best outlined under the following coaching specialisations:


Parent Coaching

  • Effective and positive influence
  • Setting boundaries and following through (sometimes referred to as “tough love”)
  • Gaining understanding of their children’s view of the “world”
  • Empowering their children to understand the difference between right and wrong
  • Showing assertiveness without dominance
  • Remaining a confident parent with teenagers and when hormones kick in
  • Brainstorming and problem solving

Life and Executive Coaching

  • Creating work/life balance without losing productivity or focus
  • Developing your communication and leadership style
  • Becoming an effective, positive influence for your team
  • Being assertive without dominance or arrogance
  • Mastering the art of leading by example
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team development and goal setting
  • Dealing with negative emotions under pressure
  • Appraising your team members effectively and with their true potential in mind
  • Handling challenging dynamics amongst your team members
  • Being consistently productive and focus
  • Overcoming stress patterns
  • Keeping a positive mindset in difficult situations

Empowerment Coaching for Women

  • Providing understanding, support and guidance in troubled times
  • Developing the ability to exercise boundaries without fear
  • Self-empowerment and life skill development
  • Confidence and assertiveness
  • Setting goals – personal and professional
  • Learning how to overcoming limiting beliefs or self-doubt
  • Creating a personal development plan
  • Creating positive and supportive friendships and relationships
  • Leading by example in family and social settings

Education and Training

Cert IV in Workplace and Business Coaching – Open Door Coaching Group

Cert IV in Training and Assessment (TAE 40110) – Workforce Development and Training

Certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Diploma in Montessori Education for Early childhood from Birth to six Years

Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM) Accredited Consultant


English (Primary language, full professional proficiency)

Bahasa Malaysia (Professional working proficiency)

Cantonese (Native or bilingual proficiency)

Mandarin (Native or bilingual proficiency)

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