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Jiveny Blair-West is a coach, writer and workshop facilitator specialising in the dynamics of dating and relationship development. Her dating philosophy is centred on personal empowerment. In this way, Jiveny models how attraction and relationship building are skills that can be developed like any other. With this approach, she has helped all kinds of single people to overcome the blocks and barriers that are getting in the way of a fulfilling love life.

Jiveny’s passionate obsession with relationship dynamics has led her to study and unpack the realities of modern dating culture in sophisticated detail. Having successfully worked with clients across Australia, Jiveny can help you navigate the modern dating scene with true clarity, insight and confidence.

Recognising that there is a lack of relationship education in our society, Jiveny enjoys helping clients to learn the skills needed to facilitate their own healthy, romantic and sustainably passionate relationship.

Led by a lust for personal growth and development, Jiveny spent a large portion of her 20s living in different corners of the world, exploring different growth modalities and of course dating. The experience of dating within diverse cultures has proved to be invaluable in informing her approach to building strong, resilient relationships – and identifying common pitfalls for any relationship.


Having experienced a wide range of relationships; from fleeting romances to committed partnerships, open relationships to toxic dependencies, breaking hearts and getting her own heart painfully broken, Jiveny is committed to helping you find good love and avoid any unnecessary heart ache along the way.

Over the years, Jiveny has worked with people who have never been in a long-term relationship before, with men an women who have been in many different relationships (but were never fully satisfied in them) and even with people who have been in abusive marriages, where she has helped them to find a much healthier kind of love on the other side.

Her role as your coach is to be an objective confidant who will give you professional dating guidance along with direct and honest feedback and support around the (often unconscious) blocks and barriers that are sabotaging your love life – and how to find a path into a happy, healthy relationship.

Jiveny’s credentials and Professional Development:

  • Internationally Accredited Life Coach – The Coaching Institute
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner – Tad James Company
  • Meta Dynamics – The Coaching Institute
  • Timeline Therapist – Tad James Company
  • IFS Inspired Coaching Certification – Centre for Self Leadership
  • Coach Accelerator – Sam Ovens Training

Jiveny also has the rare honour of being continuously mentored by her parents – a psychologist and psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience – both of whom specialise in relationship therapy.

Her latest projects include working one-on-one with clients, delivering her corner-stone workshop ‘Offline Dating In An Online World’ and co-authoring a book with her psychiatrist father called ‘How To Make The Biggest Decision Of Your Life’ – that is choosing a life partner to have children with.

Is it time you transformed the patterns that seem to repeat themselves in your love life?Are you totally ready to feel more confident and clear around men – particularly those you would like to date?

And most of all, what if Jiveny could teach you how to bring out the best in a man and create a solid foundation for a relationship built on mutual respect and admiration?

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