Job Seeker Mentoring – Group Sessions

The six key distinctions of Life Coaching Melbourne’s unique Job Seeker Mentoring Program:

  1. It is delivered by qualified and dedicated Life Coaches who have Job Services and/or Disability Services backgrounds that understand the issues and challenges that both job seekers and community service providers face on a daily bases.
  2. We regularly liaise with the community service provider to help ensure each individual participant is well supported and progressing confidently through each step of the program to ensure every stakeholder is satisfied with the progress and outcomes. Feedback is always welcome and the program can be adjusted whenever necessary.
  3. We establish clear goals for the group as a team, and also for each participant, and use our life coaching skills to help
    motivate and inspire them to achieve those goals.
  4. We have an outstanding and trusting relationship with a growing network of employers in many areas of Melbourne.
  5. We are compassionate and understanding, non-judgmental coaches with a mission to help the most disadvantaged job seekers find suitable and sustainable employment.
  6. This program is tailored to suit not only the budget and aims of the community service provider, but also the backgrounds, personality and desired aims of the participants. Personal growth and awareness is a garanteed bonus outcome for each of them.


This engaging and motivational program is ultimately designed to help your clients/job seekers learn sustainable skills with:

  • How to research industries and employers for the roles they want
  • How to identify, understand and match their own skills with that of the employer’s needs and goals (this is best done via 1:1 coaching sessions to help us establish the skills and potential of each job seeker)
  • How to prepare an in-person approach to selected employers and key decision makers – selling yourself
  • How to be your best at interviews, which also includes preparing for commonly asked questions (traditional and behavioural bases), meeting key criteria, disclosure methods and role playing
  • How to prepare exceptional written applications and resumes and then follow-up to build and maintain a good rapport with potential employers
  • How to stay positive and motivated even when there are some inevitable knock-backs
  • Working as a team to support and encourage each other to do their best, keep learning, overcome obstacles, and keep growing.

1-on-1 Job Seeker Mentoring

Our dedicated coaches can also work 1:1 with your clients/job seekers as they learn to cold call and negotiate with pre-selected employers to arrange an interview and consequent job placement or work experience opportunity. Our coaches work tirelessly and, if permitted, can take clients/job seekers out to meet employers wherever possible. This service is an ideal inclusion to any job seeker program, should the need arise.

They can also sit in on interviews, if deemed appropriate at the time. There is also a further option of introducing the Case Managers and/or Social Workers to the employers for future post-placement support and ongoing relationship development.

On-going support can be provided for the participants can be included through a combination of:

  • Face to face
  • Telephone
  • Email

The entire coaching program will be structured to suits your needs and budget can be clarified after a no-obligation Initial Consultation with our Team Leader, Sandy Ewing. Sandy can be contacted on 1300 137706 or via our contact form.

Let us help you make a difference in the lives of your clients/job seekers – together!